I keep winning KIA, but why am I still in 4th place? No. 1 winning rate in September, there’s a bigger team

The KIA Tigers are showing great endurance this season. KIA, which was seventh on July 29, just a month ago, took second place in the team’s winning rate in the second half, raising its ranking one step at a time.

With a monthly winning rate of 0.619 (13 wins, 1 draw, and 8 losses) in August, he ranked second among 10 clubs, and his momentum is also great in September. With six wins and two losses until the 9th, he is in third place with a winning rate of 0.750 in September. KIA has recently won nine consecutive games, making up for its disappointment in the first half with its “nuclear batting line of fear.”

KIA, which caught both doubleheaders against the No. 1 LG Twins at home in Gwangju on the 9th, rose from fifth to fourth. SSG Landers, who was in fourth place the previous day, added a draw in the 12th inning of extra time, falling behind KIA in winning rate to fifth place.

However, considering KIA’s team pace in the second half, the ranking is rather disappointing. Even if you win or win, the ranking rarely changes. The gap with the top teams has widened so much, and the biggest factor is that the league’s scariest team is currently competing with KIA for the rankings.

It’s the NC Dinos. As of the 9th, NC is in third place, 1.5 games ahead of KIA. NC is the team that broke the solid three-tier system. At the beginning of the season, it was a three-tier structure between SSG, Lotte Giants, and LG, but after Lotte was pushed out, KT hit and climbed up. LG took the lead in the race, but the gap between the second and third-place teams and others was not expected to narrow easily.

However, the SSG was looking for a time when it was shaking. NC broke the solid three-round framework by outperforming KIA in recent performances. Now, the team that threatens second-place KT the most is not SSG, but NC. 온라인카지노

NC is the most consistently scary team in the league this season. It has quietly recorded a ‘plus’ margin of victory and defeat. He slowed down again in July, but after recording a monthly winning rate of 60% with 12 wins, 1 draw and 8 losses in August, he is ranked first overall with a winning rate of 0.778 in nine games in September. Even if it’s not a long winning streak, there’s no losing streak. Even with a series of injured players throughout the season, NC is showing the scariest pitching and hitting balance.

The competition for the top ranks is rather starting now. LG, the first place with 70 wins, is highly likely to win the regular season, but the second to fifth places are in a chaotic situation. The collapsed SSG, the slowed KT, and the tireless running of NC and KIA. With most teams still more than 20 games remaining, a reversal could happen as much as possible. In particular, the ranking competition flows into the fog until the end of how NC and KIA’s advance will shake the top teams, which were solid, and what changes the Asian Games transfer will bring.

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