Careful attention to detail shines with the hand-picked marble inlay

Careful attention to detail shines with the hand-picked marble inlay, paket flooring and selected furniture pieces of Morris Lapidus Fontainebleau bow tie, the ultimate symbol and expression of luxury. Glossy brass, bronze, blackened wood, indigo stained wood, linen-textured wall coverings, glossy marble, terrazo, water ripples and star-shaped glass rods are carefully integrated to create a harmonious environment. These elements bring life to life through fascinating patterns and influences, adding depth and interest to the design.

“The journey to Fleur de Lis starts with a first-floor check-in designed by David Collins Studios and introduces material and color palettes with recognizable design vocabulary that flows into the suite,” says Simon Rawlings, Chief Creative Officer of David Collins Studios. “The Fleur de Lis suite is designed with a consistent theory of architectural finishes, based on the studio’s most important concept of Las Vegas Fontainebleau Miami Beach property by Maurice Lapidus and new and unique interior architecture that directly reinterprets and reinterprets his wider architectural work.

“The concept has been enhanced for Fleur de Lis, which is full of residential feelings and an emphasis on the health of guests. The Fleur de Lis Suite, complete with private arrivals, bars and spas, is the best in luxurious accommodation. The blue palette of the waterfront and the rippled glass, reminiscent of water, subtly represent the beachside location of the original 1954 Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Each suite is a thoughtful and beautifully balanced series of rooms that continue David Collins Studio’s exploration of contrast. Chiaroscuro, compression and extension, luxurious stones and fabrics. This contrast draws guests through the suite, creating an engaging and ever-evolving guest experience.” 파친코

Upon arrival, Fontainebleau Fleur de Lis guests will be greeted with refreshing seasonal oshibori towels and a drink of their choice, followed by a private elevator to take a suite check-in and a comprehensive tour of rooms and features. Each suite has a colorful flower arrangement designed by Jeff Leatham and a personalized welcome chocolate created by executive pastry chef Patrice Caillot.

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