Igdracil And Reflex Gaming’s Partnership Introduces Great Mechanism To Land-Based Casino

Yggdrasil and Reflex Gaming have signed key agreements to help distribute their unique Game Engagement Mechanics (GEM). This is the first time these machines will be introduced to various land-based casinos.

The leading publisher of online gambling content has signed contracts with well-known vendors of machines and games.

The mechanism will soon launch in Reflex’s retail stores selling games across the UK. It will be available to players in terminals at betting shops, arcades, bars and other recreational venues owned by Reflex Gaming. 온라인카지노

The company has been a partner at YG Masters since 2020, and the collaboration has launched 11 online releases, many of which use Igdrasil’s game Engagement Mechanics.

The service includes some of the most popular land-based games in the UK and Dutch markets, and the company’s slingshot platform features more than 4,500 digital machines.

Stuart McCarthy, director of products and programs at Igdrasil, said. “It is a great milestone for us to strengthen our partnership with Reflex Gaming to bring GEM to our ground-based space.

We’ve already had great success, launching many high-performance online titles to players, and we’re excited to take this to the retail sector now. The deal is a testament to GEM’s strength and potential to take the player experience to a new level.”

Mat Ingram, CPO of Reflex Gaming, said, “We are very pleased with what we have achieved as a YG Masters partner over the last few years and are very impressed with what GEMs have done online.

It is very encouraging to bring technicians to UK companies in retail content, and we believe that this technology offers great potential in this area as well, and we look forward to further expanding our successful collaboration.”

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