The world’s first ‘telecom triumvirate’ winner

Life is like Heo Do-hwan, the world’s first ‘telecom triumvirate’ winner….

The championship came like a dream after 29 years. The LG Twins celebrated the long-awaited victory, and the players rejoiced like children, especially “captain” Oh Ji-hwan, who has become a top player in both skill and personality after being called a “bully” as a child, and shed tears of joy when he won the MVP award.

However, there was someone who was even more happy than Oh was veteran catcher Heo Do-hwan (39). He won his third championship ring. Heo has already felt the joy of winning three times in his life, something that most players who have only played for LG have never experienced.

Interestingly enough, Heo has done it with three different teams. The first time was in 2018 with the SK Wyverns (formerly the SSG Landers), and three years later in 2021 with the KT Wiz. And the last time was with LG. Coincidentally, he played for all three of Korea’s leading telecommunications companies.

“Unless (Kim) Kwang-hyun moves to LG or KT and wins the championship, I don’t think anyone else can do it,” Heo said, 카지노사이트 smiling brightly when asked about being the first player to win the ‘telecom trifecta’. “I feel so good. If I can do it again next year, I want to do it again.”

Heo was the backup to starter Park Dong-won.

However, the Korean Series is not only won by the main players, but also by the players who support them behind the scenes. Therefore, the role of Heo Do-hwan cannot be ignored. In the fourth game, he hit a single and a double. He came in as a pinch hitter when the score was very close. The LG fans gave him a huge cheer. “I cried when I saw the fans,” he said, “I was actually going to hit a fastball. But the fans sang a cheer, so I didn’t hit the first pitch.” He also shared a funny behind-the-scenes story.

Heo is at an age where it wouldn’t be surprising if he retired. It’s a tough position to play. However, he has a relationship with coach Yoon Kyung-yup, who trusts him. In fact, there was a crisis earlier this year. Yoon had actually hinted at retirement. “It was hard at the beginning of the season because the coach wanted to retire me, but he told me to prepare in the second team, so I worked hard. In fact, after more than two months in the second team, I thought I should retire, but the coach called me back. I’m glad I was able to help the team,” he said, ending the interview on a high note.

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