“Very angry and upset” After getting 8 points in Ansan, I got dizzying, 7 consecutive gold medals. Happy ending

Ace Ansan (Gwangju Women’s University) regretted his mistake. At the same time, I thanked my colleagues. 온라인카지노

South Korea’s women’s archery team, consisting of Lee Si-hyun (Korea National University) and Ansan Choi Mi-sun (Gwangju Bank), won the women’s recurve team match against China at the Hangzhou Asian Games Archery Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, on the 6th with a set score of 5-3 (58-58, 55-53, 55-56, 57-54). Since the 1998 Bangkok Games, Korea has built a golden tower that has topped the list for seven consecutive years.

Ansan, who confirmed the victory, said, “I want to say thank you to my sister who pulled me well and to Lee Si-hyun who shot me well as the last runner. I just found out that I’ve lost seven games in a row. I am fortunate to be able to contribute to the results of really good seniors,” he said.

The last opponent, China, was never easy. He finished the first set in a draw and even lost the third set. But Korea laughed from behind. She won her 10th gold medal in this category, which began at the 1978 Bangkok Games.

There was a dizzying moment. It was the second edition of the fourth set. Ansan, the first runner, shot eight points. Chinese fans in the stands cheered. Korea has not been shaken. Choi Mi-sun and Lee Jung-hyun hit 10 points in a row to mark the end of their victory.

Ansan said, “On the way up, let’s not shoot eight points.” I thought, ‘Let’s just shoot 9 or 10 points.’ He shot eight points while the score of the first to third sets was not satisfactory. I was very angry and upset. “Thank you for finishing it well behind me,” he said. The players reportedly said “it’s okay” behind the scenes.

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