“I offered 4 billion won, and they asked for 8 billion won.” Cha Myung-seok, the embarrassed general manager, said, “We haven’t even negotiated with the FA yet, but there are many stories.”

Following an event commemorating the unified victory (17th), the team sent a schedule for its Betbu Recovery Training (20-24th) in Japan. When the Major League secretariat inquired about Ko’s status, the LG Twins accepted Ko’s request for posting with permission from the owner Koo Kwang-mo.

Although the FA market has opened, LG General Manager Cha Myung-seok has yet to properly set up a negotiation table with FA players in the team. Lim Chan-kyu, Ham Deok-ju, Kim Min-sung and Oh Ji-hwan have applied for FA. Oh Ji-hwan already agreed to a six-year, 12.4 billion won multi-year contract in January. All three players, starting pitcher Lim Chan-kyu, bullpen Ham Deok-ju and utility Kim Min-sung, are needed for the team.

So far, negotiations with the three players have virtually failed to make progress. “We have a group report coming up on August 28. I thought I wouldn’t have time until then because I was busy preparing for the event, so I asked my agents to do so. I am sorry but they asked me to meet after August 28 for negotiations. The agent said it was okay, so I plan to meet and talk with them more often after August 28,” Cha said. The group report is an important annual event for the baseball team that reports results for one year and next year’s plans.

Lim Chan-gyu and Ham Deok-ju had a casual meeting. “I met the agent once and told him to postpone it after the 28th,” Cha said. 카지노사이트 순위

There was no mention (proposal) of the contract as it was a ceremonial first meeting. “I just want to sign a contract with a player. I wanted to sign a contract, but after reporting the group, I asked them to talk about details, and the agent also said okay,” Cha explained.

Even though we haven’t started negotiations properly, rumors are already circulating. There are also rumors that NC is interested in Lim Chan-kyu as a starting pitcher.

Cha said, “There are a lot of stories these days. I didn’t even talk about it (Jesian), but when I offered 4 billion won, some said that he demanded 8 billion won and rushed out.”

Lim initially became a free agent after finishing the last season, but he did not exercise his rights and chose to return to the FA. Lim was sluggish last year with six wins, 11 losses and an earned run average of 5.04. This year, Lim started his season as a long relief pitcher, but took the starting position, recording 14 wins, three losses and an earned run average of 3.42, marking a career-high performance. Lim and Jang Min-jae are the only starting pitchers in the FA market.

After suffering from minor injuries for the past two years, Ham Deok-ju has made a comeback as a must-win group this season. In 57 games (55 ⅔ innings), he garnered four wins, no losses, 16 holds, and an ERA of 1.62. He pitched well with one run in three ⅓ in four games in the Korean Series.

Meanwhile, KBO announced the list of 19 FA-approved players on the 18th. Lotte signed Jeon Joon-woo for a total of 4.7 billion won (guaranteed amount of 4 billion won, incentive of 700 million won) for four years on the 20th, and Hanwha recruited Lotte’s An Chi-hong for a total of 7.2 billion won (four-year guarantee of 4.7 billion won, option 800 million won, mutual option of 1.3 billion won, option of 2 years). Samsung recruited KT pitcher Kim Jae-yoon for a total of 5.8 billion won (down payment of 2 billion won, total annual salary of 2.8 billion won, total incentive of 1 billion won) for four years on the 22nd.

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