Captain role in SON Captain 2nd Division? Rebutting the possibility of Tottenham being demoted, “It’s been 15 years, so what are you going to do now?”

Tottenham is drawing attention as it is argued that it may be demoted.

According to the British media “The Times”, the English Football Association (FA) is likely to scrutinize Tottenham’s transfer of Jermaine Defoe in 2008.

Tottenham’s opinion is that if the illegal act is confirmed during Defoe’s transfer process, it will be possible to cut points and be demoted.

What the FA is paying attention to is the case where Tottenham traded Defoe to Portsmouth for 7.5 million pounds (about 12 billion won) in 2008.

The FA is focusing on Tottenham’s point that Defoe’s agent was unqualified at the time. This is because it is a serious violation. 토토사이트

The FA has withdrawn from dealing with unqualified agents. Luton Town was also cut by 10 points for violating related regulations.

If the FA investigates the case intensively and then takes disciplinary action after being found guilty, it is a bolt out of the blue from Tottenham’s point of view.

Tottenham, under Son Heung-min’s captain system, created the best atmosphere this season. Coach Enze Postecoglou is cruising in the Premier League (PL) with attacking football at the helm.

Tottenham ranks fourth in the PL this season with eight wins, two draws and two losses. Due to the small gap with the top, it is possible to take the lead depending on the results of the first or second games.

Tottenham have not won since the last 1960/61 season. Since it is similar to the trend at the time, fans are raising expectations that they may not know.

Arsen Wenger, who led the team to win the PL, said, “Tottenham will compete with Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City for the championship. I think it’s really going to be these four teams,” he predicted.

However, if he is disciplined by the FA, the best atmosphere of this season will be a complete steal.

An FA spokesperson also said, “If there is new evidence and if there is any suggestion that the rules have been seriously violated, we will actively review it.”
Former PL striker Gabriel Agbonraher looked down on Tottenham’s chances of relegation.

Agbonraher said on the British radio “Talk Sports,” “It is very unlikely that Tottenham will be demoted.”

“It’s been 15 years. I can’t help it now. It would be a very absurd move if Tottenham were disciplined now. Those who investigated in 2010 and did not take any action should be held accountable.

Recently, PL is in the midst of a cut in points.

On the 17th, the PL Secretariat said, “Everton violated the Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSR). As a result, we will cut 10 points.”

PSR is a rule that can be disciplined before the end of the season if the loss exceeds 105 million pounds (about 169.1 billion won) over three years.

Everton have ruled that they have lost 124.5 million pounds (about 200.5 billion) over the past three years and have withdrawn from disciplinary action.

Everton were handed a 10-point cut. He ranked 14th with four wins, two draws and six losses this season, but fell to 19th place with four points. It quickly became a relegation zone.

Everton have a chance to turn it around with 26 games remaining, but a 10-point cut is expected to be a huge blow.

Man City have also been involved in something. From 2009 to 2018, he is accused of violating Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations more than 100 times.

British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ said, “Mancita has been charged with financial violations with 115 violations of regulations over the past eight years since 2009. “I was indicted before Everton, but the ruling is still in progress,” he said.

“If Manchester City is disciplined, the sentence could be heavier than Everton.” He also predicted that the scope of sanctions could be expanded, such as cutting points or exiting the league.

Chelsea couldn’t avoid it either. A company owned by former owner Roman Abramovich is accused of paying money instead.

If Chelsea are found guilty of using this method to avoid violating PSR rules, disciplinary action will be inevitable.

“Chelsea has been fined for violating FFP regulations,” said “BBC.”

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