Livingston earned $451,398 in 13th place.

Sergio Castellucio spent most of the day nibbling away with little to show. He started day 13 with 6.56 million at Chips, and was eliminated from the main event at No. 14 when he went all-in with more than 4 million at Ah-5. Lehavot called with the pocket king up his hand and sent Castellucio to the rail.

Castelluccio won $451,398 at No. 14.

Bruno Kawauti was able to start the game on Monday. It was one of the shortest stacks in the room. But Kawauti kept trying and never gave up. He slowly widened the gap and eventually doubled it to $10 million through Clement Tripodi. But that was the best score for Kawauti. Eventually, Kawauti found himself with $2.85 million left and pushed all of them into his 10 pockets. Rep. Porter called in with seven pockets and picked up seven from the flops to take the lead in his hand. A pair of queens in the turn and river gave Porter a full house, and Kawauti was eliminated from the tournament in 15th place.

The easiest and most boisterous rail in an Amazon room, gave him a standing ovation. They were then able to hug Humberto Brenz before putting him down on his shoulder on the way across the Amazon room. 온라인경마

Kawauti earned $451,398 at No. 15.

Another player on the chip rollercoaster Monday was Chris Lindh. Lindh started the first day in third place on the chip with 12.03 million. He then filled up to 19.5 million chips when he gave him a quad ace against Mortensen. Lindh, however, started bleeding from his chips and did four straight stretches, eventually folding all the chips. Riess doubled through Lindh, knocking over another 3 million from the stack, and the day just kept getting worse.

But throughout the whole process, Lind’s cheering section was loud and frequent, and it made him feel a presence throughout the Amazon room with shouts of “Lind-sanitation.”

“Having the help of my friends meant everything to me,” Lind said. “It was awesome. It wouldn’t be that fun.”

Later that day, Lind found himself with just over 3 million chips when he went all in at 10-9. McLaughlin called Ah-9d and hit a diamond plush to knock Lind out of the tournament.

“I’m really angry that it’s full of 9-10 spades,” said Lind with a sad smile. But he took home some souvenirs.

“I’m leaving with the board,” Lind said with a small smile. “My rail went through it and I asked if I could keep it. It’s quite a nice souvenir.”

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