Kim Joo-sung’s ghostly defensive instincts

On defense, he looked like he was back on active duty. In uniform, Kim Joo-sung was no different.

On the 14th, the professional basketball all-star game was held at Goyang Gymnasium. In front of a packed house, Kim Joo-sung’s Team Kblmong and Cho Sang-hyun’s Team Gongaji faced off. Kblm and Gongaji are the names of KBL characters.

The All-Star Game is a festival of players. On this day, the players caught the eye with their energetic dances and performances from the moment they entered. The coaches were also there to show off their skills. Before the game started, coaches Kim Joo-sung and Cho Sang-hyun accepted the moderator’s request and performed a fan service by dancing to a girl group song. Fans cheered as they watched the two coaches’ cute dance.

The surprise dance didn’t end there, as the two captains returned to active duty. At the start of the third quarter, Kim Joo-sung and Cho Sang-hyun appeared on the court wearing jerseys with their player numbers. Kim Joo-sung’s marksman was DB’s Kim Jong-kyu, 온라인카지노 while Cho Sang-hyun’s was LG’s Lee Kwan-hee.

Kim Joo-sung battled hard against Kim Jong-kyu and shook the court.

On offense, however, his body didn’t match his mind. He tried a few shots, but the ball missed the rim.

Defense was a different story. When Kim Jong-gyu drove under the basket past his man, he immediately turned and hit the ball with precision. The players watching from the bench let out a gasp.

Six years after his retirement at the end of the 2017-2018 season, Kim’s animalistic defensive instincts were still there. Kim is the only player in professional basketball history to score 10,000 points and record 1,000 blocks. At 44 years old, the legend’s touch was still there.

After entertaining fans with a variety of events and attractions, the All-Star Game went into overtime for the third time in history. Ties and lead changes occurred in the fourth quarter as the players’ competitive spirit exploded.

Down by three points at the end of the fourth quarter, KMB’s Lee Kwan-hee drew a foul on a three-point shot and made all three free throws to send the game into overtime.

In the overtime period, GongAji’s Warney hit three consecutive three-pointers to win the game. Warney, who finished with 51 points, was named MVP.

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