FA Lim Chan-kyu laughed off ‘6 billion rumors’ Agent went to the U.S., and even an unexpected event for LG’s fan meeting ‘surprise visit’

Wouldn’t it be a surprise if you know it from an agency? Lim Chan-kyu, a free agent, made a surprise appearance at an LG Fan Festival event. Despite his unexpected behavior on the day his agent left for the U.S., LG fans gave Lim one of the biggest cheers at the event.

Lim said hello to LG fans at the “2023 LG Love Giving Festival with Championship” held at Kyung Hee University Peace Center in Seoul’s Dongdaemun district on Tuesday. Before the main event began, the host said, “I have a surprise guest,” and many people were curious about who it was, but the sound of the song solved their curiosity. When Lim’s song “Tell Me” (Wonder Girls) was played, everyone knew the answer. It was a surprise appearance that team officials knew only about on the day of the event. 안전 토토사이트

Lim Chan-kyu said he would come to the Love Giving Festival with a “one-day contract” if the FA contract was not over before the event. He said, “I thought I wanted to see you so soon. Many people said they wanted to see you on social media, so I was going to come, but I think it’s the right thing to come,” receiving cheers from fans as a final greeting.

In fact, Lim was in a busy schedule later in the day. However, he came to the venue to meet his fans. “I won the championship thanks to fans’ enthusiastic support throughout the year. I couldn’t meet all of them, but I just wanted to meet all of them and say hello to all of them,” said Lim, who took some time before leaving the venue.

Saying a big bow to the fans was also a way to repay their support. Lim said, “I suddenly wanted to do that today. I really felt that way. I was grateful for the past year. It didn’t mean much. I expressed my feelings for your support this year.”

Even ahead of the FA, he participated in many media interviews on behalf of LG. Although he is an FA, he has a strange relationship that seems to be part of LG family. Lim Chan-gyu said, “I think a lot of people came because the team won, not because I was good at interviews, but because I was with LG for a long time. There were more interviews about the team than personal interviews about myself. I think he went out on behalf of the team.”

He also directly expressed his desire to remain at LG. But why hasn’t he signed yet? In fact, negotiations between LG and its agency began late. LG General Manager Cha Myung-seok and Ricoh Sports CEO Lee Yerang started negotiations on Lim Chan-gyu on the morning of the 30th. On the same day, CEO Lee Yerang had to complete the contract of Doosan’s Yang Seok-hwan, “two families with one roof.” Lim’s contract still requires time.

Lim Chan-kyu also fully understands this background. “I met him for the first time two days ago (November 30). I plan to continue to meet him in the future. I understand that a lot of people talked about it before that, but it’s only been two days since the negotiations started, so I’m going to talk about it well from now on,” he said.

Lee Ye-rang left for the U.S. on Tuesday to attend the Winter Meetings of the Major League Baseball. “Negotiations can be held via video or even when (Lee) comes in. It is not that long. I know that he will come soon. I am just waiting while working out and preparing for the spring camp,” Lim said.

However, rumors such as how much Lim Chan-gyu asked for even before the negotiations began, and that several teams were competing, ignited the stove league. Due to the rumor of unknown source, fans were criticized for being greedy. Lim Chan-gyu is also well aware of this fact. Lim Chan-gyu smiled brightly, saying, “I was curious where such rumors would come from, but I think I just enjoyed it because I know that both the club and the agent are groundless.”

Meanwhile, Lim has had his best season since his debut with 14 wins, three losses and an earned run average of 3.42. Fourteen wins is the highest number among Korean starting pitchers in the KBO League. His earned run average (ERA) is ninth among the 17 players who completed the prescribed innings, and fourth among Korean pitchers. He has yet to sign his contract, and LG is firm in its commitment to sign Lim.

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