Kwon A-sol, who gained 25kg, won the 200-second match against Il-Fighter

The highlight of the match was “Fight 100” between Kwon A-sol and Yun Hyung-bin. “Fight 100” was a new concept fight in which Kwon A-sol, former lightweight champion of Road FC, and comedian Yun Hyung-bin, who returned as a fighter for the first time in nine years since 2014, attracted attention. In particular, Yun Hyung-bin drew attention after being terrorized by his opponent Shoyu Nikki of Japan.

Kwon A-sol faced Kazuya Yanenkedo of Japan, who said he played 70 matches in the Japanese underground martial arts, although he is one year younger than himself with a 95kg contract weight. Kwon A-sol has had no victory for seven years since winning the second defense match against Shinji Sasaki in 2016. Since losing to Mansour Barnawi in the $1 million tournament in 2018, he has lost both a boxing match against Nam Eui-cheol and a match against Koji Nakamura and failed to pass weight loss. In fact, he aims to win against almost ordinary people in the “Fighter 100,” which he leads in his retirement process.

Kazuya, who claims to have a professional record of 1 win and 1 loss but has a 70-game experience in informal martial arts competitions, decided to beat Kwon A-sol, who passed while eating pizza in the relay. 파워볼실시간

Kwon A-sol had lower expectations on the day. He had increased his weight from 60kg to 90kg as a champion, and was expected to overwhelm his rival as he was more of an ordinary player, but he only grasped his rival’s tendency for about 20 seconds, and exchanged punches to each other afterward, but failed to throw fatal punches at all.

Eventually, they had a mud fight at the end, and ended up with just 100 seconds left. The judges saw it as a draw and declared an extra 100 seconds to extend the game to extra time. Kwon A-sol’s experience was truly remarkable in the extended game. Kwon avoided the opponent’s punch easily, but Kazuya had blood in his nose. Kwon A-sol also got hit a little, but Kwon A-sol who tried to avoid hitting as much as possible and threw a punch at the opponent eventually won a unanimous decision by all judges after extra time.

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