“ML senior” meets Kim Ha-sung as a competitor

As Lee Jung-hoo joined the San Francisco Giants, he naturally formed a showdown with Kim Ha-sung. Kim Ha-sung’s team is affiliated with the San Diego Padres and the San Francisco Giants in the National League West. 카지노사이트 순위

“(Kim) Ha-sung played as a teammate in Korea and became a real spiritual support to me. I think I was able to dream this big because you have said nice things to me since I was in Korea,” Lee said. “We will have many more showdowns going forward. It is amazing and exciting to have a showdown with each other, leaving behind the days when we played together. I think we will have to ask many questions from now on.”

Kim Ha-sung, who has been playing in the Major League since 2021, showed further improvement in batting with a batting average of .260, a on-base percentage of .351, a slugging percentage of .398 and 17 home runs, 60 RBIs and 38 steals in 152 games this year, and blossomed his baseball career by winning the Gold Glove in the Utility Division with his outstanding defense ability. Although Kim Ha-sung’s presence in the same district, although he is not on the same team, is a strong support for Lee Jung-hoo.

Coach Bob Melvin, who played with Kim Ha-sung this season, is drawing attention as he heads to San Francisco. Melvin is expected to trust Lee Jung-hoo, who appointed Kim Ha-sung as his main player. In response, Lee Jung-hoo said, “Ha-sung said, ‘Congratulations on going to a good club’ and said, ‘It’s good to play baseball under a good coach.’ He said a lot of good things.”

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