Transfer fee of 113 billion – annual salary of 21 billion is scheduled to be proposed

Team Talk reported on the 8th that “Tottenham will offer 68.5 million pounds to Juventus in January to recruit Blahovic. Harry Kane’s transfer created a gap, and he is finally planning to fill the gap. Tottenham wants Mickey van der Pen replacement center back and a new No. 9 in the winter transfer market. Ivan Toney is a great player, but he has decided to switch to a different target and chose Blahovic.”

Kane went to Bayern Munich, but Tottenham did not immediately recruit a full-strength striker. Allezo Bellis came, but he was a prospect. He used Hishalisson as the front line, but he used Son Heung-min’s zero-top when he showed sluggish performance. Son Heung-min showed his full performance by scoring nine goals in the PL alone, but his ability to score resources is very low other than Son. He also had a lot of worries due to his poor decision-making ability, and only Son’s pressure increased.

Manager Enze Postecoglou also acknowledged lack of influence on the front line. “It is very disappointing to be at the front line. To score more goals, we need to have more influence in the front line. There are more problems in the front line than in other areas, and only when this is resolved, we can achieve more progress as a team.” “I can see Postecoglou’s willingness to bring a striker to the upcoming transfer window,” said England’s Football London.

Blahovic has been singled out as the target. Blahovic’s nickname is the Serbian Bombers. When he played for Fiorentina, he scored 21 goals in the league, which earned him praise. As his performance continued in the next season, Juventus recruited him. It filled the vacancy of Cristiano Ronaldo who went to Manchester United. Blahovic consistently played as the main striker and scored 10 goals last season in the Italian Serie A team, but his performance fell short of the level of destructive power it produced during the Fiorentina era.

Vlahovic is currently playing as a mainstay in this season. He has scored five goals in 12 Serie A matches. Tottenham plans to recruit Vlahovic to erase concerns. If Vlahovic comes to No. 9, it will strengthen coach Postecoglou’s strategy of aggressive soccer and lessen the burden on Son. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

“Team Talk” reported that “Tottenham has been keeping an eye on Kane as a substitute ever since Kane was rumored to be transferred to Manchester City. Son Heung-min has nine goals to address Kane’s absence, but Postecoglou feels that he needs to strengthen his forward line. Blahovic is the perfect target and has a similar style to Kane. It would be an ideal recruitment for Postecoglou. With an annual salary of 12.8 million pounds, Blahovic seems to be attracting Blahovic. We don’t know if Blahovic is satisfied with his offer.”

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