“Argentle has become a dirty team, so it’s going to win the EPL” …What’s this sound?

Arsenal are leading the league in the 18th round this season. Liverpool, Aston Villa (39 points), Tottenham (366 points), and Manchester City (34 points) are fiercely chasing after each other, but they are looking to win the title as they finish the season at No. 1 on Christmas Day.

Arsenal led the league until the middle of the last season. Manchester City was once 10 points shorter than the second-ranked Manchester City. However, the team collapsed due to injuries to its main players, ultimately conceding the trophy to Manchester City. 바카라사이트

He is committed to never missing an opportunity this time. While keeping all of his existing key resources, he strengthened his capacity by recruiting Declan Rice, Kai Havertz, and David Raya. He also maintained his concentration at the end of the game and scored a point, adding a “winning mentality.”

Ian Reidyman of the Daily Mail also predicted Arsenal’s victory. Furthermore, Arsenal introduced a different side of the team from the previous season. “Ahnall has been showing stronger mentality this season. They have become smarter. Arsenal are performing the dirty parts of the game better than ever before. They are more devilish,” Reidyman said in an interesting statement.

“In a nutshell, it means tactical fouls, etc. He manages the game smartly by pulling his uniform or intentionally fouling him to stop the game. Manchester City has been playing like this for many years. It is the same when it comes to getting fouls. Bukayo Saka is also similar.”

Reidyman said Manchester City’s sluggishness was another factor that contributed to Arsenal’s win. Manchester City is currently ranked fifth in the league. It lost only five games in the league last season, but it has already lost three times this season. Unlike the previous season, Manchester City is clearly on shaky ground. “If Manchester City is not the team of last year, the closest team to winning the championship is Arsenal. I did not expect that,” Reidyman said.

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