Doosan, which took the lead with a home run that broke Kim Jae-hwan’s “nine-base hit,” had to cry due to the wild pitch

The game, which had been tight, fluctuated once in the top of the sixth inning. No. 4 Kim Jae-hwan, who struck out and walked in the previous two at-bats, hit a superior solo home run with a distance of 120m. It was his 10th home run of the season after 29 games and 104 at-bats since the match against Samsung in Jamsil on the 9th of last month. It was the moment when Doosan took the lead (3-2) for the first time in the game.

However, Doosan failed to take advantage of several chances that came afterwards. In the seventh inning, Jung Soo-bin walked after one out, but Kim Jae-ho stepped down with a double play in front of the shortstop and closed the inning. In the top of the eighth inning, Rojas, the first batter, walked on base and created an opportunity. However, Yang Eui-ji, Kim Jae-hwan, and (substitute) Kim In-tae missed the opportunity to run away as they stepped down as errors one after another. 파워볼게임

NC didn’t miss this gap. In the bottom of the eighth inning, NC made one out and runners on first and second bases with a ball hit by Seo Ho-chul’s body after Son Ah-seop went out with an infield hit. With No. 3 Park Min-woo’s infield grounder to first and third bases, Doosan’s fifth pitcher Hong Kun-hee committed a wild pitch. At this time, pinch-runner Park Young-bin stepped home and NC tied the game 3-3.

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