Still the pros and cons + cold eyes…”Return confirmed.” The tasks ahead of Yuna

The KLPGA (Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association) announced on the 8th that it has reduced the disciplinary period of Yuna’s suspension from 3 years to 1 year and 6 months. Yuna proceeded with the game even though she knew it was not her ball during the first round match of the KGA (Korea Golf Association) Korean Women’s Open in June 2022, and later voluntarily reported it to the KGA. 사설 토토사이트

As a result, she was suspended for three years by the KGA in August last year, and also by the KLPGA in September. However, the KGA decided to reduce Yuna’s punishment to one and a half years in September last year, and the KLPGA made the same decision through the board meeting. The KLPGA explained, “The decision was made in consideration of the position of the sponsor, golf officials, fans, all members, and the KGA’s disciplinary reduction.”

Earlier, the KGA cited the fact that more than 5,000 petitions had been received from fans pleading for Yoon’s return, and that the player had shown deep remorse, including donating all of the U.S. mini-tour prize money and volunteering for community service, after the decision. The KLPGA also stressed that it made the decision after collecting opinions from all walks of life. However, the decision was not limited to favorable view of Yoon.

There has been a steady stream of voices asking whether it is appropriate for a player who easily breaks the rules of golf who values the spirit of fair play as a life and disciplinary action against a player who easily breaks the rules of golf and conscience. Critics also said that breaking the rule just because he is a popular player who throws out the top performance in the tour would set a bad precedent. After Yoon’s disciplinary action, similar arguments were raised whenever there were voices of sympathy. Some active players in the tour were also reportedly negative about Yoon’s reduction of disciplinary action.

Through the reduction of disciplinary action, Yun In-na will be able to participate in both KGA and KLPGA-organized competitions from March 20. It is expected that she will be able to participate in the KLPGA domestic competition, which will begin as early as April. Amid the public opinion that is still divided in half, the key will be how Yun In-na will perform.

Yoon Na-na said through her management company after the KLPGA announcement, “I am grateful to KLPGA and KGA for giving me the opportunity to participate in the tournament again as a golfer. We will continue to take time for volunteering and self-reflection, while making every effort to sincerely ask for understanding from our fellow players and to open up our hearts.” “I will not repeat the same mistake again and play honestly and sincerely according to the spirit and rules of golf,” she said. “I want to focus on training until I stand on the field again for the fans who want to return and support me.” “I apologize once again to everyone for causing concern by wrong behavior,” she said.

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