Director Tuchel said, “I can’t reveal my name,” “I think I know who it is.” Does Kane-Dear’s friend work with Kim Min-jae

Bayern Munich is enjoying great benefits by recruiting Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane ahead of this season. Erik Dyer, who played as Tottenham’s flagship defender in the upcoming winter transfer window, was also hired as a loan. Also, chances are high that Kieran Trippier, a friend who played for Tottenham along with Kane and Dyer, will also wear a Bayern Munich uniform. 토토사이트 추천

Trippier is a player who grew up to be the best right back in the EPL while playing for Tottenham from 2015 to 2019. After moving to Atletico Madrid in Spain, he moved to Newcastle in 2022 and is now reigning as a symbolic player for Newcastle.

However, Trippier reportedly wants to leave Newcastle. Then, he became strongly connected to Bayern Munich. Local media reported that Trippier had reached a verbal agreement with Newcastle.

In this situation, coach Thomas Tuchel hinted at the possibility of recruiting Trippier. He expressed his hope to recruit Trippier through local media. He did not reveal his real name, but anyone can know that the player is Trippier.

Tuchel said, “I can’t tell you the name. It’s complicated. Other clubs are targeting him, too. The winter transfer window is more complicated than summer. I won’t mention the name. He is a player you know.”

“I don’t want other teams to talk about our team’s players. The position we need to recruit is fixed. Currently, our team has a midfielder as a right back. We want someone who can help our team in the right back position,” he said, admitting that he is actually Trippier.

“If there is a possibility that we will win the recruitment like Dyer, there is a possibility, and if we are confident, we will do so again this time,” he stressed.

If Trippier comes, he could work with Kim Min-jae, another former Korean national team player, who played with Son Heung-min like Kane and Dyer. He could set up a defensive line with Bayern’s key defender Kim Min-jae.

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