A final match between Hungary and Scotland

The Euro 2024 Group A final match between Hungary and Scotland on June 24 in Stuttgart, Germany. The Hungarian players stand still, looking dejected. Hungary had lost two matches before this one. Scotland had one draw and one loss. The Euros qualifies the best four teams from the top three of all six groups for the round of 16. Hungary needed a win to keep their hopes of reaching the round of 16 alive, but in the 23rd minute of the 0-0 tie, key Hungarian forward Barnabas Varga collided with the opposing goalkeeper and collapsed on the spot. The injury appeared to be serious. Players and officials used large cloths to cover Varga’s distress. As the stewards walked away with a stretcher, the players rushed over, grabbed it, and laid Varga down on it. Hungarian captain Dominik Sobosler broke down in tears. Varga was unable to get up and was carried off on a stretcher. Varga was Hungary’s only goal of the tournament. Hungary had been pushing Scotland until then, but hadn’t been able to find the back of the net. And they were missing their main man. A draw would mean one point, two losses, 토토사이트 and bottom of the group. It meant automatic elimination.

The clock ticked down to 10 minutes of second-half stoppage time.

There was no time left. After clearing a Scottish corner, Hungary unleashed a lightning counterattack: two passes in their own half and they were inside the Scottish penalty box. Surprised Scottish defenders quickly rushed to close down Hungary’s Roland Scherer with the ball, but Scherer sent a ball from the right flank into the middle. The ball bounced between the Scottish defenders and onto the right foot of Kevin Chochowski, who was running in from the back, and he slotted the ball past the diving goalkeeper and into the left corner of the net. Choszos came on as a substitute in the 39th minute. The dramatic goal gave Hungary a 1-0 victory and their first point of the tournament.

After the game, the Hungarian players raised Varga’s jersey in a gesture of victory. “Varga suffered a facial fracture and concussion, but is over the hump,” the Hungarian Football Association said. He is now in stable condition.” For now, Hungary finished the group stage of the tournament in third place (D1, L2, P3). The third-place finishers in Groups B through F will qualify for the round of 16. Scotland drew one and lost two. They packed up in last place.

On the same day, hosts Germany clinched first place in the group with a last-minute equalizer. Nicklas Fühlkrug scored a theatrical header in second-half stoppage time with Switzerland trailing 0-1 in their final Group A match. A 1-1 draw. 토토사이트 추천 The team finished the group stage in first place (2 wins, 1 draw, 7 points). Second-place Switzerland (1 win, 2 draws, 5 points) also advanced directly to the round of 16.

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