Baltimore’s 11.1 billion won prospect, minor relegation and injury…It’s going to delay the return to the big leagues

Shortstop Jackson Holliday (21), the No. 1 prospect in the Baltimore club, was injured after being demoted to minor, and the timing of his return to the big leagues was foggy.

U.S. sports channel ESPN recently reported that “shortstop Jackson Holiday, who plays in Triple-A in the minor league under Baltimore, was on the injured list due to inflammation in his right elbow.”

Holiday, who made his Major League debut in April in the spotlight, was sluggish with a batting average of 0.059 (2 hits in 34 times at bat) and an RBI in a total of 10 games, apparently burdened by excessive interest and expectations. His on-base plus slugging percentage (OPS) was only 0.170.

Baltimore did not feel the need to keep Holliday in the big league, so it demoted him to a minor using an option at the end of April. The U.S. local media also evaluated, “If the team continues to be poor in the big leagues, even its mental health could collapse, and the Baltimore team’s quick decision could rather benefit.”

Holliday, who hails from Texas in the U.S., garnered attention as the biggest amateur player, as he played in 40 games during his senior year in high school, posting a batting average of 0.685 with 17 homers, 79 RBIs and 30 steals. As a result, he was drafted by Baltimore as the first overall player in the first round of the Major League Rookie Draft in 2022 and entered the pro league.

Holliday received a whopping 8.19 million dollars in down payment at the time. This shows how much Baltimore had high expectations for him. 토토사이트 순위

Holliday, who started his professional career at the minor league rookie level in 2022, recorded a batting average of 0.297 with one homer, nine RBIs and 12 steals in a total of 20 games as he rose to Single A in the same year. His OPS was a whopping 0.911.

Starting from single A to triple A, he appeared in a total of 125 games last year, posting a batting average of 0.323, 12 homers, 75 RBIs and 24 steals. OPS also recorded 0.941, demonstrating through his performance that the minor league is no longer his stage.

Starting from Triple-A this season, Holliday recorded a batting average of 0.333, two homers, nine RBIs and one stolen base before his big league debut in April. His OPS was outstanding at 1.077. However, when he moved to the Major League, he was demoted to minor league after enduring less than a month of difficulties.

Initially, Baltimore plans to send Holiday back to the big leagues by July at the latest. However, no one knows when he will play in the big leagues again due to the elbow injury.

Meanwhile, Holliday is the son of Matt Holliday, a 44-year-old big man who commanded the big leagues, including seven All-Star selections in the past.

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