“The East would hate it…” When Lizzo left, the New York media recommends “Kim Ha-sung is the perfect option for the Yankees.”

It has been claimed that Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres) could be traded by the New York Yankees. Yankees infielder Anthony Rizzo has been forced to sit out for a long time due to his recent injury. In response, the New York media outlet SI.COM Inside the Finnstrives said on the 20th (Korea Standard Time), “Kim Ha-sung could be the perfect option.”

“The Yankees are likely to be one of the most active teams ahead of the trade deadline (August 1),” the media outlet said. “The Yankees have great players, but they had some difficulties. They didn’t get as much production as they expected in the infield and now Anthony Rizzo is out for a long time.” 토토사이트 순위

“The Yankees are likely to seek help in the infield, and one of the players mentioned as an interesting option is San Diego infielder Kim Ha-sung,” he said, citing a recent report by The Athletic, “The Yankees can trade Gleyber Torres for a prospect and turn those players into Kim Ha-sung or (Cincinnati Reds) second baseman Jonathan India.”

“The second baseman’s poor offense is causing Torres to spend millions on his next contract, regardless of whether he will be traded or not,” The Athletic noted.

“Kim Ha-sung could be the perfect option for the Yankees this summer,” Inside the Finnstreaks said. “His trade rumors have been around for the past few years. If he goes up for sale, the Yankees should call San Diego.”

“Kim Ha-sung won his first Gold Glove Award last season and ranked 14th in voting for the National League MVP award,” he said. “He can play all over the infield and give the Yankees the depth they definitely need now in terms of aggression.”

The problem is that Kim does not prefer the eastern part of the U.S. One of the reasons for signing the contract with the San Diego Padres was its warm weather. As of Tuesday, the team ranks fourth among wild card players in the National League. It is not in a phase to give up just yet. Therefore, Kim’s performance will likely determine whether to trade or not.

As of Tuesday, when he played 76 games, Kim had a batting average of 0.217 with 55 hits in 254 times at bat. In the on-base percentage category, his batting average was 0.330, slightly lower than 0.342 last year, and his slugging percentage was 0.382, slightly lower than 0.392 last year. His OPS also stood at 0.712, a slight difference from 0.733. Although his batting average is slightly lower, most offensive indicators are not as bad as those of last year, when he posted career highs. In particular, he ranks first in the walks and stolen bases category in his team.

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