‘Rebounding again?’ Team Busan wins the U-13 Asan SmartBae tournament

Team Busan U-13 reaches the top of the Asan SmartBae.

Team Busan Myeongji, which opened a dedicated gym in Gangseo-gu, Busan, in April, is leading the way in promoting Busan through the medium of basketball. Team Busan’s U-13 team, which serves as a self-proclaimed ambassador for Busan, won the championship title at the Asan Smart Bae tournament.

The tournament, organized by the Asan Basketball Association, featured top teams from all over the country, including Asan Samsung, TOP, and The Most. Competing alongside them, 파워볼실시간 Team Busan won all of its games and finished as the overall champion.

Led by coach Joo Tae-soo, Team Busan’s path to the top was not a smooth one. With only five players in the tournament – Choi Sung-won, Kim Ji-yul (Namcheonjung), Haji Hoo (Yeo Myung-joong), Choi Varn (Shin Joo-joong), and Lee Joon-kwon (Geumyangjung) – the bad luck started from the first match.

Against Dongtan TOP, Team Busan was forced to play with four players after Choi suffered a fractured finger during a rebounding battle at the end of the first quarter. Despite being outnumbered, Team Busan won the first game (44-31).

Choi went straight to the emergency room after the injury and played through a cast in the second game against the Incheon All-Stars.

After wrapping up the first day with two straight wins, Team Busan received emergency blood transfusions for fifth-graders Do Jin-soo and Ha Jun-hyuk ahead of the final game the next day. In desperate need of reinforcements, Team Busan rushed the two players to Asan the day before to ensure that they would be able to compete normally.

Team Busan, which played with a five-man system throughout the tournament, won the trophy thanks to the even performance of the players.

Their story is similar to the movie Rebound. Rebound, released last year, tells the real-life story of Busan Jungang High School, which was rated as the weakest team in 2012, and became the runner-up in the national high school basketball tournament with a new coach and six players.

As if to recreate the rebound, Team Busan U-13 became the last team to win despite difficult circumstances, and presented the championship to Coach Joo Tae-soo, who embarked on a new challenge as a club team coach.

“It was hard because we had injuries in the first game, but I think we won the championship smoothly because the players’ skills were so good,” said Coach Joo Tae-soo, who led the team to victory. “Last year, we played the game based on individual skills, but this year, we prepared for team play, and I think (the players) responded well.”

Hajifu, a key player in the team’s victory, said, “I was worried about the small number of players, but we worked well together because we had been playing together for a long time. “We are happy to have won our first secondary school title and our second consecutive Asan tournament. It’s even more precious because all five of us played a big role in the victory.”

Meanwhile, Team Busan Secondary School (middle school 2 and 3), which carried on the momentum of its younger siblings, won the 6th Busan Dong-gu Office Jangbae 3×3 Youth Basketball Tournament.

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