It’s already halfway point! Kim Ha-sung’s “20 Home Run-30 Steal” pace, 10th shot exploding… Home Run-RBI-Ballnet Career High Class

Kim Ha-sung played as the 7th shortstop in the home game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Petco Park on the 23rd (Korea time) and hit 2 hits, 1 RBI and 2 runs in 3 at-bats, including a home run. San Diego won 6-4 with three home runs hit by Kim Ha-sung, Jackson Merrill and Kyle Higashioka, winning 4 consecutive games.

With this result, Kim has a batting average of 0.220 (58 hits in 264 times at bat), 10 homers, 36 RBIs, 39 points, 44 walks, 15 steals, and an OPS of 0.721. With this pace, Kim can finish this season with 20 homers, 72 RBIs, 78 points, 88 walks and 30 steals. San Diego played just half of the pennant race with its 81st game of this season. Kim has a career-high pace in home runs, RBIs and walks. 토토사이트 추천

For reference, last year’s half-point score, Kim Ha-sung recorded a batting average of 0.258, nine homers, 30 RBIs, 36 points, 13 steals, and an OPS of 0.755. In other words, the batting average is lower than last season, but home runs, RBIs, runs, and stolen bases are all ahead.

In the bottom of the second inning, Kim Ha-sung, who was out with a fly ball to the second base with two outs and a third base chance, hit a home run with Merrill in the fourth inning. San Diego took a 3-0 lead when Merrill pulled a fastball in the middle of Milwaukee right-hander Carlos Rodriguez’s third pitch of 93.4 miles and connected it to a home run that went well over the left fence with one out and one on the first and third bases made by lead Donovan Solano, Jake Cronenworth, and Manny Machado’s fly to center field.

Kim Ha-sung, who entered the batter’s box for the second time with no runners on the second base, hit a solo shot to support him. He pulled Rodriguez’s slider that fell 82.3 miles in the middle of the sixth pitch, and slightly crossed the left fence. It was his 10th homer of this season with a shooting angle of 24 degrees, a batting speed of 97.5 miles and a flying distance of 374 feet.

It is the first time in 14 days that Kim Ha-sung hit a home run since the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on the 9th. Kim Ha-sung, who hit 11 home runs in 2022 and 17 last year, has become a top hitter with double-digit arches for three consecutive years.

Kim Ha-sung added a hit in the third at-bat in the seventh inning with a 4-0 lead. He went out as the leadoff hitter and hit a high slider in the middle of the third pitch of the opponent’s right-hander Jacob Junis at the ball count of 1B1S to make a hit flowing toward center field. After Jose Azoka struck out, Higashioka pulled Junis’ body slider to make a two-run shot that crossed the left fence, and homered with Kim Ha-sung, widening the gap to 6-0.

San Diego put Johnny Brito on the mound in the top of the ninth inning with the bases loaded and Bryce Turang hit him with a grand slam to the left, but Roberto Suarez, the closer, grounded out William Contreras to third to end the game. Suarez caught a batter and made 19 saves for the season.

San Diego Padres starting pitcher Randy Vazquez won his second win (four losses) this season by allowing five hits and no runs in five innings. San Diego, which has won its second four games in a row this season after losing five consecutive games, has won 41-40, surpassing the winning rate of 500 percent for the first time in eight days since last Saturday. It is eight games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers, which ranks second in the National League West, and one game behind Arizona, which ranks third. In the NL wild card, San Diego is ranked third after the Atlanta Braves and the St. Louis Cardinals.

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