‘Team K League’ to meet AT Madrid: “We will play impressively and distribute playing time evenly”

“I will play a passionate and impressive game.”

Team K-League led by coach Hong Myung-bo will be held on the 27th. June in the Coupang Play Series at 텍사스홀덤 Seoul World Cup Stadium against Atletico Madrid. The 26th. The day before the game, coach Hong, defender Kim Young-kwon (Ulsan Hyundai) and striker Sejingya (Daegu FC) attended an official press conference.

Coach Hong said, “The conditions for both teams are not perfect. I also want to thank Atlético Madrid for visiting Korea for soccer. In a way, it’s not a game that competes for an official game. Personally, I hope that Team K-League players will play the game with pride, be chosen and represent the K-League. Injuries shouldn’t come out, but I want something passionate and impressive for the many fans who support the K-League,” he said, expressing his feelings against Atletico Madrid.

The K-League has selected different players. As the league continues, there’s no choice but to consider injury and playing time. Coach Hong said, “I don’t want to be tied to playtime. The reason is that I took a break, and there’s time for the league after the game. A player doesn’t play for 90 minutes or anything. I’m planning on distributing my time as far as I can. There will be players playing 60-70 minutes. Because we have to prepare for injured players,” he said. “Coach Won-kwon didn’t talk about it (about the playing time of Sejingya and Hwang Jae-won). The next game is against Daegu, but how did it go until the 89th minute?.. ” he called.

It’s like Coach Hong working with Diego Simeone, the world-famous team. Director Hong said, “I don’t think it’s a fight between directors. Apparently, AT Madrid is preparing for the pre-season. The purpose of each game is different, but the same goal is to play a football game. He’s a world-famous coach, and I think it’s a great honor to be able to play.” “(AT Madrid) is tactically closed. It’s no exaggeration to say that the defense organization is the best team in the world. We’re different teams, and we don’t know the characteristics well. “It’s important how you play the ball,” he stressed.

Cezingya, who won first place in the fan vote, is also very determined. “I’ve seen an all-star game before. I’m grateful that I was chosen by the fans’ votes. I honestly don’t know why they chose me first. It’s loved by fans. Maybe it’s the expectation for the all-star game last year. I want to play a good game with the best performance.” Kim Young-kwon said, “They’re all the best players in the K-League. Since it’s an event game, it’s important not to get hurt. A lot of spectators are coming, and I’ll do my best to compensate you.”

Both cited Antoine Griezmann as a player who will look forward to Atletico Madrid. Kim Young-kwon said, “I didn’t think about it, but there was only grease. He saw me play for Barcelona and he saw me play for AT Madrid. I think he’s a good player.” Sejingya also said, “It’s hard to choose just one person. They’re all players on a high level, but “It’s an honor to see Griezmann around, and he dribbles very well. He said this part (will be) helpful.”

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