‘I came to see Deokbae-hyung’s pass’ The Brawinner didn’t even warm up

Kevin De Bruyne (Man City) took the field in a jersey emblazoned with his name, but you won’t be seeing De Bruyne spraying ‘wall passes’ in front of you.

Der Bruyne was on the substitutes’ bench for the second leg of the Coupang Playoff series against Atletico at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Tuesday at 8:40 p.m. (delayed 40 minutes due to inclement weather), but he took a seat on a recliner next to the bench and “intuited” the game at his leisure.

Pep Guardiola made eight changes to the field around the 10 minute mark of the second half, but Der Bruyne’s name was not among them. Unlike the substitutes, Der Bruyne didn’t even warm up. He wasn’t even in Guardiola’s game plan.

It seems to be an aftereffect of the injury. British media outlets have reported that the midfielder is nursing an injury. Der Bruyne was also on the bench in the friendly against Bayern Munich at the Tokyo National Stadium in Japan on September 26.

Fans were disappointed to see the ‘monster striker’ Elling 토토사이트 Holland on the bench. Holland started up front and was on the field for 55 minutes until the final 10 minutes. He fired one left-footed shot from inside the box, but it was powerlessly saved by the keeper.

Der Bruyne is arguably the best playmaker in Europe right now. His earth-shattering passes and pinpoint crosses add creativity to the City attack. He was part of City’s first treble last season.

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