Casinos ask Prime Minister to implement package to cut jobs

The government has approved new measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic that have again affected the casino sector. One of them is a strict curfew on all entertainment venues, including gambling houses. According to this, land gambling houses must be closed by 10 p.m. at the latest. The rule went into effect on September 24, causing discomfort among operators. 온라인경마

The problem is that more casino income in the UK occurs exactly after 10pm. So a curfew means a big threat to the industry, especially all employees. It urged operators to ask the government for financial help. It can protect thousands of businesses that will suffer from the measures introduced.

The Prime Minister must now consider this proposal and reach a ruling on how to protect casino industry workers from losing their jobs. In addition, operators demand some kind of economic measures to help keep the business at an appropriate level. Earlier this year, the British government launched a leave of absence system for casino workers, during which it partially compensated for their salaries. But the system will end in the near future, and the extension is questionable. Casino owners also ask for tax-related programs to help the company survive.

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