This is how Super Pruta works

All winning symbols will be awarded more than three times on the winning path. Specifically, from low to high values:

Lemon and orange
plums and melons
the sound of a bell
Burning Sevens
Winners are distributed more evenly than many other slots. 7 brings 10 times the value of cherries in 3 and 4 hits, and in 5 hits, cherries pay 40 times the payout. 온라인경마

How to prepare and win
At first glance, Super Pruta is a typical fruit slot. However, instead of three rollers, five rollers are used here. There are 15 fields with 3 lines, which is not uncommon. But we play with a total of 243 paylines, which Mercker calls Superways.

Compared to 5-10 ways to win on a classic slot machine, your ears will start ringing. After all, unlike Megaways’ payment method, Superways pays the prize money from left to right.

The machine also has a typical Merkur level system of 10 to 200. The level values are displayed at the bottom just below the reel.

Is it legal to exploit system bugs?
We don’t know how this trick happened. Did the programmer make a fatal mistake by mistake? Or did someone intentionally place this bug as an inside job to enrich themselves on a slot machine? Of course, you might think that this is for testing. Later, did the programmers simply forget to take it back out? However, if we speculate and assume that it was intentional, this is an achievement of intelligent crime.

That’s the point: if you intentionally program this bug and then exploit it later, you’re committing a crime. There is no doubt about it. Manipulation, fraud, and theft are terms that also come to mind for people who are not legally trained.

Using this advantage as a normal player makes legal evaluation more difficult. After all, this system fault is easily exploited by completely accidental, maybe even if you don’t realize it. In no case can you blame the player if the game is programmed that way. Because gamblers can’t help.

But you can also argue in the opposite direction: as a player, you are well aware that payments are not accurate. If you continue to sit on a machine with this strategy, you can at least discuss whether you are breaking the law. However, we are not lawyers and we cannot and do not want to contribute anything factual to the assessment.

But it’s unprecedented, at least in the German-speaking world. In the United States, on the other hand, video poker machines used by two smart players had similar system defects. However, these are cracked. Return to Europe: Christian Kaisan, a famous boiler watcher, was banned from entering everywhere, for example, but was never prosecuted. To the best of our knowledge, those who benefited from the Super Pruta system error have also not been prosecuted.

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