The coach’s rebuke,” Gwangju Lee Soon-min said, “I agree.” “You have to work hard as a professional”

Gwangju FC tied Incheon United 2-2 in the 27th round of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2023” held at 7:30 p.m. on the 18th at Incheon Football Stadium.

On this day, Gwangju suffered from a lack of center backs. Timo, who was named as a starter, was excluded due to an injury during the warm-up, and even Aaron, who generally went in, was uncomfortable and was excluded after the first half. As a result, midfielder Lee Soon-min was forced to be put in the position.

It was an unfamiliar position, but there was a problem in the process of losing a point in the 5th minute of the second half. Incheon goalkeeper Lee Tae-hee caught the ball and handled it long. The ball immediately went behind the Gwangju defense line. At that time, Lee Soon-min missed Gersso, and it soon led to a run.

After the game, I met Lee Soon-min in the mixed zone. First of all, he said, “I’m not satisfied with the game. But to think positively, I think it’s proof that we’re becoming a solid team. There was a personal mistake and he was dragged unfavorably by losing a point in the lead, but it will be a great help to take one valuable point in the process of continuing to make up for it without giving up until the end. “I think we should make up for what we lack personally and use it as a foundation for further development and growth in the future,” he said.

When asked about coach Lee Jung-hyo’s request, he said, “We always share the overall location and play through meetings and train (based on it). It is true that it is a strange position that I see for the first time. However, I feel a lot of responsibility as the main player of the team in that I didn’t do 100%. “I think I need to reflect a lot on myself so that I don’t come out again today,” he replied.

Coach Lee Jung-hyo said at a press conference after the match, “Lee Soon-min is not in his position, but it was a shame.” I played with no confidence. “I think professional players should do it for granted,” he said. In this regard, “I sympathize with you.” If you are a professional player, it is natural to enter the stadium and show 100% of your appearance. I can’t say anything about today’s game. I think it’s a task that I have to choose to move forward in the future whether to collapse or use it as an opportunity to become stronger. “I think I took medicine as a bitter medicine today, and I think I should try to continue to show my consistent performance on the field as a professional from next time,” he said.

Gwangju is playing a strong game this season. When asked about the driving force, he said, “I’m not satisfied. I think it’s getting stronger and stronger as the game continues. Whether you win, miss, or lose, you don’t dwell on the results and train and meet to catch what you lack in the process and make up for them. And prepare by sharing 스포츠토토 based on that. As the preparation process builds up, it seems to be systematically strengthening as a team. I think it’s a positive factor at this point towards the second half. “We need to be more determined, make one point three points, and try to produce a result that can win three points by a bigger margin,” he said.

Even on weekdays, many Gwangju fans came to the expedition. Lee Soon-min said, “I know better than anyone else that it’s not easy to cheer for me like this even though it’s a long distance. Even though it was a weekday, we were able to follow it without giving up until the end due to the voice of many people who came and cheered for us until the end. He said, “I will continue to do my best to make my fans happy.”

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