Bystanding defense Real CBs didn’t even try to run on Kubo run

Antonio Rudiger’s passive defense has come under fire.

Germany suffered a 1-4 defeat against Japan on Tuesday (July 10) at the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg, Germany. The loss leaves Germany with a dismal record of one draw and four losses in their last five A matches.

Germany dominated possession. Germany dominated possession on the day, enjoying 68% of the possession, but were unable to create any chances. Instead, the defense was caught off guard by Japan’s efficient counterattacks and conceded an easy goal.

Japan, on the other hand, never let their chances slip away. Japan took the lead in the 11th minute with a goal from Junya Ito. Germany equalized in the 19th minute through Leroy Sane. The celebration was short-lived. Japan regained the lead in the 22nd minute with a lucky goal from Ayase Ueda.

With the score at 1-2, Germany was desperate. Pascal Gross, Robin Goesens, Julian Brandt, and Thomas Muller came on in search of a goal, but the German offense was unable to threaten the Japanese goal. Germany recorded 11 shots on the day, but only three were on target. Japan, on the other hand, had 11 of their 14 shots on goal.

The clock was ticking toward the 90th minute. Germany were building up high up the line, and during the buildup, Goesens lost the ball to Kubo. Kubo made a quick run through a wide-open back area to find himself one-on-one with the goalkeeper, and together they rushed forward before slipping a pass to an unmarked Takuma Asano for the team’s third goal.

In the process, Rudiger’s defensive approach came under fire. Rüdiger made a play that made it look like they had effectively given up the chase as Gozens was stripped of the ball and Kubo sprinted away. While Kubo sprinted under the halfway line and over the halfway line into the German camp, Rudiger recovered on foot near the center circle.

In the end, Rüdiger’s passive defense led to the goal. If Rüdiger had pursued, Asano would have been defended and Kubo’s only option would have 바카라 been to shoot. But with Rüdiger not chasing, Kubo had two options and chose Asano, who had a better chance of scoring.

The UK’s Give Me Sport highlighted the scene, saying, “It’s hard to work out what happened to Rudiger’s head when the ball was stolen by Kubo. Just before receiving the ball, he was shown with his hands on his knees, suggesting he was struggling. Some football fans believed it was due to fatigue, while others believed the suspicious behavior was clear evidence that Rüdiger wanted Flick to leave,” said a fan reaction.

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