Gambling Machines Seized in Austria

Austria’s financial institution is concerned about an increase in illegal gambling devices caught and confiscated in 2020. Unregistered machines became popular in the previous year, with 1,463 units confiscated, despite the coronavirus disease forcing the government to implement lockdown measures. This is a 7.3% increase from the previous year. Nearly 1,500 devices were seized at 637 locations, meaning on average more than one confiscated device on all premises. The total amount of fines paid by the facility exceeded EUR 32 million. 슬롯머신

Most market participants agree that the Austrian gambling sector should be better regulated. So a year ago, there was a lot of discussion about corruption cases involving the monopoly of Casino Austria. Local officials have even called for the invitation of foreign executives to help regulate the market. That led to Sazuka Group entering the Austrian market. In early spring 2020, the Czech operator received a number of dominating votes in Casino Austria, and within four months, the international operator purchased an approximately 18% stake in the Austrian organization.

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