Rumors of re-signing. Sol Sol Sol

Matt Law, a reporter for Britain’s Telegraph, said on the 21st, “Tottenham will invoke the contract option with Son Heung-min to avoid repeating the Harry Kane incident. Son Heung-min can play until 2026. It is a contract to avoid uncertainty. Son Heung-min and Tottenham’s existing contract will end at the end of next season, and as a result of the coverage, there is an option to extend the contract for at least one more year, he reported. 온라인카지노

Reporter Matt Law said, “Son Heung-min can play for Tottenham until 2026. In fact, it means committing to Tottenham. Tottenham and Son Heung-min’s expectations and intentions are that the options have not yet been invoked and may not be highly likely. Tottenham can wait until the end of the season to officially invoke the option. This is because he is not worried about Son Heung-min’s future. With one year left on the contract, he tries not to repeat the situation of selling Kane to Bayern Munich. The extension of his contract with Son Heung-min will be a great help to coach Postecoglou,” he said.

The possibility of extending Son Heung-min’s contract was first raised by England’s “90min.” The media said, “Tottenham is trying to sign a new long-term contract with club captain Son Heung-min. “His contract has more than 18 months left until 2025, but we have found out that the club has decided to extend his contract with Son Heung-min.”

The media then said, “Son Heung-min turned 31 in the summer, but he is starting the 2023-24 season in a good mood, scoring a hat trick in the 5-2 victory over Burnley in early September. The new coach, Postecoglou, appointed Son Heung-min as the team’s new captain instead of Hugo Lloris ahead of the opening of the Premier League (PL). Tottenham wanted to confirm the relationship between Postecoglou and Son Heung-min before discussing the renewal, and the two had a good relationship and negotiations proceeded quickly, he explained.

Reporter Paul O’Keefe, who is considered to be fluent in Tottenham’s information, also said on his personal SNS on the 9th, “While there have already been several informal meetings with Son Heung-min, Tottenham is seeking to extend its contract with its captain, Son Heung-min.”

In addition, on the 11th, Alessdier Gold, a member of Football London in England and a reporter in charge of Tottenham, said on YouTube, “I would be surprised if a new contract was not offered to Son Heung-min.” Maybe I’d say ‘very soon’. He’s only a few years away,” he said. “Son Heung-min is the captain of Tottenham. I think that would be a great move and even though he’s in his 30s, I think he can do another year or two (from the end of his contract). It is also a great advertisement for Tottenham. It shows what kind of person Son Heung-min is, what kind of player he is, and how good a human being he is,” he added.

Finally, “If you think about it only in terms of real profit, Son Heung-min is gaining huge fame throughout Asia as well as around the world. I think it’s natural to renew the contract if it’s the money he earns. Of course, another question is whether Son Heung-min wants to renew his contract. “I think I’m very happy right now and if I want to renew my contract, it’ll be right now.”

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