“Ten HaHa, you’re out of your mind”. He criticized me

The British media “Daily Star” reported on the 1st (Korea Standard Time) that “Manchester United (Manchester United) fans were angry at manager Ten Haach for putting Maguire in a situation where he needed to score.”

According to reports, a Manchester United fan said on social media, “This is the Tenhach Bowl for Manchester United. Coach Ten Ha-ch said, “I’m out of my mind,” expressing intense criticism.

Manchester United previously suffered a 0-1 defeat in the seventh round of the English Premier League in the 2023/2024 season against Crystal Palace at Old Trafford in Manchester, England.

The performance was disappointing. Manchester United have rarely created a threatening opportunity despite bringing Palace, who are considered inferior in objective strength, into their home turf.

United’s lackluster performance is also evident in the record. According to statistical media ‘Huscoed Dotcom’, Manchester United attempted 19 shots with an overwhelming 77.1% share on the day, but failed to score a single goal.

Ten Hach’s mercenary tactics were also subject to criticism. Coach Ten Haach raised questions when he put in Harry Maguire and Donny van der Beek in succession in the 42nd and 43rd minutes of the second half when he had to make up for even one goal.

It was a substitution that had nothing to do with scoring. Maguire and van der Beek are not good scorers. Scott McTominay, who plays as a scorer for the Scotland national team, might have been less criticized. 스포츠토토

United fans could not hide their anger. One Manchester United fan said, “I need a goal, but I can’t believe you put Maguire in…He despaired, and another fan said, “You’re putting in Maguire now? “Manchester United is over,” he said.

This is not all. Another Manchester United fan said: “Ten Ha-ch seems to be out of his mind. “I’m in a hurry to score now, but I can’t believe you put Maguire in.” he criticized.

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