37-Year-Old FW Giroud Also Plays Well As Goalkeeper

AC Milan striker Olivier Giroud was praised for his stable defense, even though he was the goalkeeper, not the original position, due to the sudden departure of the goalkeeper.

British media The Sun reported on the 8th that “Boring did an amazing job by blocking a goal in AC Milan.” 스포츠토토

Milan beat Genoa 1-0 in the eighth round of Serie A in the 2023/24 season at Luigi Ferraris Stadium in Comunale, Genoa, Italy on the 8th. Milan has taken the lead in Serie A with 21 points, beating Inter Milan (19 points).

Milan won the match with Christian Pulisic’s winning goal in the 42nd minute of the second half, and was able to secure the victory by overcoming the critical crisis at the end of the second half with Giroud’s performance.

Milan received a red card immediately after goalkeeper Mike Meanyan pushed Genoa striker Caleb Ekuban outside the box in the second half of the extra time when he used all of his replacement cards in the game. After running out of replacement cards, Milan eventually handed over the goalkeeper’s gloves to striker Giroud, who had to defend the goal until the end of the second half.

He overcame the crisis when Genoa’s first free kick hit the net fortunately. Giroud then threw himself to block the ball with a quick advance in the situation of Genoa’s attack inside the penalty box, and Genoa lost the opportunity to attack. In the end, the game ended with a final whistle, and Giroud defended the goal and gave the team three points even though Meanyan was sent off.

The Sun said, “Biru had to protect Milan’s goal in the process of winning a dramatic victory over Genoa. Fans cheered after he performed amazingly at the last minute,” he said.

“Some fans congratulated Milan’s victory, saying that Giroud was a better goalkeeper than Andre Onana, who made a series of mistakes when he threw himself bravely to block the ball,” he said, explaining that Giroud was even praised as a better goalkeeper than Onana, who has recently been criticized.

Onana was highly anticipated as he joined Manchester United ahead of the 2023/24 season. However, Onana has made several mistakes in good defense since joining Manchester United, and his passing ability, which was considered a strength, has not shown light and is in a swamp of sluggishness.

British media said, “Oanna has conceded 18 goals in 10 games, allowing 1.8 goals per game. But De Gea has allowed only 1.23 goals per game over the past three years. Onana makes one mistake in 10 games. However, De Gea (half of that figure) makes one error per 20 games, he said, adding that Onana, who was brought in to fill De Gea’s vacancy, is even more lacking.

“Turn Haach appears to have replaced De Gea, who has trouble handling the ball with his feet to Onanaro, who is experiencing problems with his hands,” some media outlets said. He was right to point out the team’s defensive activities. But it was important to use your hands better in the game itself. At the time of Sane’s shot, Onana was close enough to say that it was an ordinary save,” he said, strongly criticizing Onana’s ability to defend.

In this situation, Giroud received praise from fans for being superior to Onana’s performance.

According to reports, fans praised Giroud and mocked Onana on social media, saying, “Boring looks better than Onana,” “Boring added a clean sheet,” “It’s great that he defended as an interim goalkeeper,” and “Boring can start as a goalkeeper at Manchester United.”

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