“If it doesn’t come out 144km, I don’t use it”

“If it doesn’t come out 144km, I don’t use it” Chun Shin-Mango’s prerequisite for returning lefty ace: Narrow door for debut KS start

LG Twins left-handed ace Kim Yun-sik, 23, has been plagued by injuries all season. He dreamed of the beauty of the Korean Series. But even that is in jeopardy.

The commander laid out the criteria. Speed.

Before the season finale against Doosan in Jamsil on Friday, LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop set a standard.

He set a condition. “If it doesn’t reach 144 kilometers, I won’t use it,” he said.

Kim Yun-sik, who started against Doosan on the 14th, gave up five hits and one run in two innings.

His six-pitch fastball sat between 138 and 143 mph. The one that gave up the hit to Yang Seok-hwan in the second inning was 143 kilometers, followed by 138, 140, and 141 kilometers. Yoon’s fastball standards. There’s a reason.

“Yoon Sik-yi can’t hold on to 142 kilometers, so I took it out (yesterday). If there is no restraint, all pitches die. He’s not a corner pitcher, and he’s not a pitcher with perfect control. You have to have a lot of heart to survive a live pitch. If you don’t have restraint, you can get hit,” he explained.

Kim Yun-sik will have to prove his restraint in training for the series, which starts on the 19th in Icheon.

“If he doesn’t show his velocity in practice games, we’ll come up with an alternative,” said Yoon. Lee Jung-yong, who we plan to utilize as a second pitcher, 카지노사이트킴 may start. The data doesn’t lie. Even at the beginning of the season, he struggled with his fastball. “It should be at least 144 kilometers,” he said. Following the Blue-Black game, LG will play six to seven games in total, including two practice games against Sangsung before the series, to keep their senses sharp and prepare for the series.

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