‘L’ buy France, buy France and proceed with French’s purchase.

Francoisie (FDJ) agreed to purchase the U.S. market, the U.S. market, the U.S. market, and the U.S. airline stock (FDJ) on November 1, 2001.You have now approved the acquisition.

Regulators highlight competition concerns. 온라인경마

The FDJ should replace some aspects of its business to address regulatory concerns about competition.In particular, operators are competitive and dedicated to segmenting exclusive gaming tasks.In addition, it said, “We will be able to grant access to the general swimming pool of French licensing.”

ZF and FDJ offer online sports wagons, but mean there are no concerns about low mixed market interests.Instead, the regulator said problems could arise with retail sports and lottery tickets.It also argued that “the monopoly that provides these segments, the monopoly for new combinations, can be restricted because it restricts the monopoly for new combinations.”However, FDJ can implement a single user account or a single user account for sports and online horse racing and online horse or online horse.

There is a problem with the horse racing swimming pool.

In addition, the regulator highlighted the issue of horse racing competition in particular.He pointed out that competitors run by the latest mixed companies can work harder to help their competitors work harder for competitors run by companies.

As a result, ADLC demonstrated that “L’ has this strategy and the ability and incentives to implement it to implement it.Therefore, Li concluded that there was no risk of harming competition through the effect of large corporations.

FDJ agrees to be competitive and divide exclusive gaming activities.

Because it was highlighted by the aforementioned regulators, the FDJ was accepted to be competitive and split the exclusive game operations.As proof of this, we promised to install every segment of the business.In addition, there is no communal passage or homepage connecting the communal walkway.

In addition, the lottery allows individual player accounts to be created in every segment.FDJ to agree, FDJ is as follows.”We will also refrain from creating a customer database to facilitate competitive gaming activities that include proprietary player data.”We will not promote competitive gaming activities on retail stores or online lottery tickets,” he added.

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