“Thank you EPL for making the schedule.” Son, I bought time to recover, three days…Tottenham start later than other teams

England’s Court Offside noted the injury on the 18th (Korea Standard Time), saying, “Tottenham fans will be worried about Son Heung-min’s grimace during the national team match.” Son Heung-min started the warm-up match against Vietnam on the 17th. There were also expectations that Son Heung-min would be absent because his condition was not 100% due to his enormous compulsion and groin injury issues, but Son Heung-min wanted to play for Korean soccer fans. He scored a goal in the match against Vietnam and won the team’s great 6-0 victory.

However, during the game, Son Heung-min was caught frowning and hurting as if he was uncomfortable. Tottenham fans have no choice but to worry. If Son Heung-min’s injury deepens, Tottenham will also be hit hard. 토토사이트

Fortunately, Tottenham’s game will be held later than other teams. The ninth round of the Premier League will resume with the Liverpool and Everton matches on the 21st. There are seven Premier League matches held on the 21st alone. On the other hand, Tottenham will face Fulham at home on the 24th. The event takes place three days late.

“(Son Heung-min’s injury) will be of great interest to Tottenham and Tottenham manager Andrze Postecoglou when they play Fulham,” the media said. “Coach Postecoglou will be grateful for Tottenham’s last game of the weekend. This gives Son Heung-min more time to recover, he explained.

Son Heung-min is an indispensable key player for Tottenham. This season, Son has scored six goals out of eight in the league. He was ranked second in the league in scoring after monster striker Erling Holland (Man City, 8 goals). The team scored the most goals. Son Heung-min was the top scorer with 23 goals in the 2021-2022 season. He aims to win the top prize again this season.

In particular, September’s performance was explosive. Son scored a whopping six goals in four games in September. Son Heung-min won his fourth career Player of the Month award in recognition of his performance in September. It was previously received in September 2016, April 2017, and October 2020. As a result, Son Heung-min was on par with legends Dennis Berkamp, Thierry Henry, Frank Lampard, Paul Scholes and Alan Shearer.

Son Heung-min departed via Incheon International Airport on the 19th. In addition, he said on SNS, “This October A match was also a happy day thanks to the fans, and then I will go back to London.” “I am so grateful for this honor and love, and I will go back to my team and greet you at the stadium with a pleasant and strong appearance.” he wrote.

“I am truly grateful to all the fans who came to the stadium late in the chilly weather and all the fans who watched on TV. I will do my best to give you as much joy as I received without forgetting this support and love. I love you,” he said.

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