PL Fans ‘The Greatest Team on Earth Is Japan Currently

English Premier League fans say they have secretly realized that Japan has become the “greatest team on the planet.” Recently, Japan has been making a series of wins in international A match matches. The reaction seems to be that the fans can’t really believe the game.

The Japanese national team’s recent performance is incredible. Japan defeated El Salvador 6-0 on June 15. Five days later, the El Salvador team had a 1-1 draw against Korea in the June A match warm-up match held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 20th.

Japan also had an A-match match on the day. The opponent was Peru. Peru won 1-0 in the previous A match against Korea. The Japanese national soccer team beat Peru 4-1 in a warm-up match held at Panasonic Stadium in Suita, Osaka, Japan on the 20th.

Japan did well against Peru and El Salvador, but it was really shocking to defeat Germany in the A-match match in September. Japan won the away match against Germany 4-1. It was a shock. Germany, which was unexpectedly defeated by Japan, replaced the national team coach immediately. In other words, the shock was huge. Germany also lost 1-2 at the World Cup in Qatar and was eliminated from the group stage. In particular, it is the first time that Hanji Flick has been replaced since Germany introduced the full-time supervisory system in 1926.

Two days later, Japan also won the away game 4-2 against Turkeyye on September 12. After losing to Japan, Turkiye replaced national team coach Stefan Kuntz a week later.

As such, he showed a tremendous goal-making ability of 18 points in the last four A matches. He scored 4.5 points in a game. It was also a performance against Germany and Turkiye. And they also won 4-1 against Canada on the 13th. He showed off his truly formidable scoring ability of 22 points in five games.

The Daily Star’s message is that EPL fans are joking that “Japan is secretly the best team on the planet” after seeing Japan win by blasting its opponent like this.

Of course, it is a joke, but Japan has shown good habits, defeating Germany in the World Cup. This is because there are many talented players behind the excellent performances.

Media analysts say that it was possible because players playing in the English Premier League were at the center of Japan’s amazing performance. One of them is Mitoma Kaoru. He scored seven goals in the Premier League alone last season for Brighton. He also scored three goals in eight games this season. 스포츠토토

Arsenal’s Takehiro Tomiyasu and Italy’s Serie A Lazio’s Daichi Kamada are also leading the Japanese team to victory.

One Premier League fan, albeit jokingly, said, “The Japanese national teams now have the toughest players I’ve seen in a long time. I’m the 2026 WC champion,” he praised.

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