This guy’s pace is not good…’41 goals’ ‘goal storm’ much faster than Lewandowski milestone

Seru Girashi (27, Stuttgart) is one of the best strikers in the world. Another milestone could be born if the all-time scoring pace continues. 온라인경마

Transfermarkt, a soccer transfer site, recently shed light on Girash’s scoring pace. Girash played seven games in the German Bundesliga this season and scored as many as 13 goals. Of course, he is the top scorer in the league. In second place is Harry Kane (Bayern Munich), who has scored eight goals.

It’s still early in the season, but Kirashi’s scoring trend is amazing. No player in the five major leagues has scored more goals than him. Girashi and Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan, 10 goals) are the only ones who have surpassed double-digit goals.

Kirashi’s scoring ability is remarkable even compared to the previous record. Transfermarkt compared Girassi’s scoring pace this season with Robert Lewandowski’s record in Bayern Munich.

Lewandowski scored 41 goals in 29 Bundesliga games in the 2020-21 season, breaking the record for the most goals (40 goals) in a Bundesliga season set by Gerd Müller in the 1971–72 season in 49 years. Lewandowski’s record for the past two seasons has not been broken.

Based on the same number of games, Girash exceeded Lewandowski, who showed a tremendous scoring pace at the time. Lewandowski scored 11 goals in the first seven games of the 2020-21 season. Girash scored two more goals than Lewandowski at the time.

If Girash maintains his scoring pace until the end of the season, the Bundesliga record for the most points will be renewed. Of course, it’s not an easy mission. As can be seen from the scoring graph, Lewandowski was also able to achieve a great task after steadily cutting the net.

The Ghanaian striker Kirashi is in good physical condition, measuring 1m 87cm. After moving to Stuttgart last season, he played 22 league games and scored 11 goals, making a soft landing on the German stage. This season, he is attracting the world’s attention by boasting hotter toes than anyone else.

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