Playgon launches Odds UP roulette

Playgon Games Inc., a SaaS technology company that provides innovative mobile live dealer technology to online game operators around the world, announced the launch of a new exclusive game called Odds UP Rulete.

Designed around single zero roulette rules, Odds UP roulette features two to five randomly generated numbers in each round of the game, which boosts the multiplier from 50:1 to an impressive 1000:1 dividend for players who bet straight on that winning number. Non-multiplied straight bets pay 30:1. All other bets, such as split, corner, red/black, and dozens, are settled under the single zero roulette rule. 온라인경마

The main feature of this exclusive roulette game, compared to similar types of games in the market from a player’s point of view, is that it has a better chance of winning in terms of matching lucky multipliers. It promotes an increased number of lucky numbers from 2 to 5 and more frequent and higher multipliers compared to the standard 1 to 5. These features are designed to enhance the gaming experience while closely matching the standard player return rate.

“With Oz Up Roulette, we redefined the game by giving players a thrilling opportunity to multiply their wins, not just a chance,” said Playgon’s president Guido Gansho. “Our unique approach to a two-to-five lucky number and an impressive 1000:1 payment sets a new standard in the world of online roulette. It’s all about electrifying while maintaining the integrity of the game’s standard player return rate.”

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