“I don’t have confidence, I’m just ahead of my will…”

10G participation → Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance MB’s reflection on failing to qualify for the FA for the first time since his debut, entering his 30s

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s middle blocker Son Tae-hoon (30) returned to the team in April last year after fulfilling his national defense obligations as a social service worker after the end of the 2019-20 season. 2022-23 season prepared with motivation. Son Tae-hoon exploded the most points in an individual game in the first round against Woori Card (October 29, 2022). The most seven blocks per individual game was a bonus.

At that time, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance coach Kim Sang-woo said, “He is one of the players who prepared the hardest during the off-season. I hope Tae-hoon does well,” he said, expecting Son Tae-hoon’s performance.

However, Son Tae-hoon did not have a significant opportunity afterwards. The chances of playing have gradually decreased. He started five games after the match against Woori Card, but failed to perform impactfully. Kim Joon-woo, Ha Hyun-yong, and Yang Hee-jun, who came to the trade, lost their seats. After playing in 10 games, Son failed to acquire a free agent for the first time since his debut.

Son Tae-hoon prepared for the 2023-24 season with a determined heart. This time, I’m doing my best not to miss the opportunity that came to me. He contributed to the team’s victory by starting consecutive games against Korean Air on the 19th and Hyundai Capital on the 22nd. In the Korean Air, he scored five points on three blocks and six points on two blocks against Hyundai Capital.

After the end of the Hyundai Capital match, head coach Kim Sang-woo also said, “Tae-hoon had a good quick attack and his serve was stable. He failed to qualify for the FA last season, so he has a different mindset to play this season. It shows a desperate need,” he said.

Son Tae-hoon, who I met after the game, said, “It was my first season since I was discharged last season, so I prepared a lot and I had high expectations. But the rhythm was not good. From the outside, it can be said that the sense of the game was low, but I didn’t have confidence and I think I was just ahead of my motivation. Didn’t show good play. I am also ready to accept criticism of myself this season. I will do my best to play diligently in the center and show good rhythm,” he said.

Son Tae-hoon, a graduate of Gunbuk High School and Chosun University, joined Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance as the second pick in the second round of the 2015 rookie draft, played only in Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance without transfer. The Hyundai Capital match is meaningful to Son Tae-hoon, a one-club man of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. The victory was meaningful because Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was sluggish recently with seven consecutive losses before its first showdown this season.

Son Tae-hoon said, “Because it was a V-classic match, it received attention from many people for its rivalry. The away games in Cheonan were often discouraged because the fans cheered and were overwhelmed by the atmosphere. However, through this game, we showed that we can do it and play in a good rhythm. It’s a meaningful victory for us,” he said.

“I’m trying to work hard from the beginning of the season because my team’s performance last season is not good. Beat both strong teams at the beginning of the crucial season. Many people call our team at the bottom and are trying to show that we are a team that cannot be ignored. I feel good because I think I can do it with confidence with consecutive wins,” he said with a smile.

Next to Son Tae-hoon is head coach Kim Sang-woo, who made a name for himself as a middle blocker when he was active. What should I talk about next to you. 경마

He said, “When you attack fast, you hit fast, and you always want aggressive play. Also, since it is pushed from a height compared to the opponent’s middle blocker, they don’t want to be dragged around by the opponent’s setter, but want to float clearly if they are going to float. I’m always trying to fulfill the play the coach wants,” he said.

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