“Kim Kang-min to Hanwha, how can you expect that?” Frustrated SSG franchise star left in an instant

SSG Landers is also embarrassed by the Hanwha Eagles’ nomination of Kim Kang-min (41). SSG, which left the franchise star in an instant, left a bitter aftertaste despite its successful nomination as planned.

In a telephone interview with Star News on the 22nd, SSG general manager Kim Sung-yong said, “How do you expect that?” regarding Kim Kang-min’s trip to Hanwha, adding, “We put promising players and young players first as protection players. However, we didn’t think that Kim Kang-min would go out,” he said in disappointment. 스포츠토토

SSG lost four players and gained two players in the second draft of the 2023 KBO League held at The K Hotel in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, from 2 p.m. on the 22nd. The most shocking thing is franchise star Kim Kang-min’s trip to Hanwha. In this draft, which was carried out in reverse order in the 2023 regular season, Hanwha received the second pick and selected Kim Kang-min in the fourth round.

Kim Kang-min joined the SK Wyverns (currently SSG Landers) as the 18th pick in the second round of the rookie draft in 2001 and is a franchise star who has played for only one club for 23 seasons. He won five SSG titles together and was named MVP last year, especially in the Korean Series with Kiwoom Heroes for his decisive performances, including a pinch-hit solo shot in the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 1 and a pinch-hit three-run in the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 5.

The years were inevitable. After suffering from minor injuries, he was sluggish with a batting average of 0.226 in 70 games and two home runs and an OPS of 0.627, and was excluded from the 35 protected players according to the club’s policy of generational change.

But SSG also had something to say. An SSG official said, “We were talking about retirement with Kim Kang-min. I didn’t decide exactly when to retire. However, they shared their sympathy in the middle about when they would play retirement games if they did. As a result, it was a little difficult to put on the protected player list, and it is true that we are embarrassed because we did not expect the nomination of other clubs at all,” he said honestly.

Moreover, Kim Kang-min was now scheduled to slowly talk to the new coach Lee Sung-yong. At the inauguration ceremony held the previous day (21st), coach Lee Soo-yong said, “I haven’t met with Choo Shin-soo and Kim Kang-min yet. “I respect the players and try to match them,” he said.

Hanwha, which aims to leap to the top with young players after finishing last for the first time in three years, expected Kim Kang-min’s rich experience and leadership. Hanwha said in a press release after the second draft, “Four-rounder Kim Kang-min decided to strengthen the outfield depth and have the skills of a pinch-hitter resource, and also nominated him because he thought he could grow by sharing a lot of sympathy with our young outfielders.”

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