Munich, Kim Min-jae’s iron wall defense, admires “MONSTER” + robot emoticons…Let’s give them a standing ovation

Munich posted a short video of Kim Min-jae’s iron wall defense on the club’s social media on the 11th (Korea Standard Time). He added a robot emoticon along with Kim Min-jae’s nickname “MONSTER.”

It was a scene that came out during a 7th round match between Freiburg and Bundesliga in the 2023-2024 season on the 9th. At that time, Kim Min-jae started and led the team to a scoreless victory.

The defense in the video came out in the fourth minute of the second half. Freiburg Maximilian Philippe hit the ball in the box and tried to break through. However, Kim Min-jae quickly pushed his shoulder and turned his back, completely drove Philippe out to protect his ownership. Philippe was literally stuck in the wall and couldn’t do anything. 바카라

The impressed Munich fans stood up and began to applaud, and Kim Min-jae also approached the stands and responded with a loud roar. Partner Dayo Upamecano also ran and praised Kim Min-jae, while central midfielder Leon Goretzka also bumped into him to raise the mood.

Kim Min-jae continued to show off his solidity and finished the game without losing a point. Freiburg had only two shots in 90 minutes of the day, and there was no single shot on target. Munich, which won 3-0, moved up to third place in the league by going undefeated in 10 official matches (eight wins and two draws).

Fans who watched Kim Min-jae’s defensive video left comments such as “Kim!!!,” “Best defender,” “Don’t underestimate our Kim,” “World’s Best Defender,” and “This player is insanely strong.”

One fan mocked Rotair Matheus, who recently criticized Kim Min-jae, saying, “Is Matheus blind?” German legend and Munich legend Matheus was bitter at Kim Min-jae after the draw against Leipzig.

“(Kim Min-jae) should get used to the Bundesliga first,” Matheus said. I don’t think ill of him. However, considering the great honor he has accumulated in Italy, he has not yet lived up to my expectations, he said. “Kim Min-jae is an unstable factor insecurity factor in Munich.”

Then, Kim Min-jae succeeded in proving that he showed a perfect defense in the match against Freiburg following the match against Copenhagen. Local media such as “Kicker” and “90min Germany” as well as rating media such as “Sopa Score” and “Huscoed Dotcom” all selected Kim Min-jae as the best 11 in the 7th round of the Bundesliga.

Kim Min-jae also set a Bundesliga record. According to “Opta,” he attempted 171 passes against Freiburg and recorded a 92% pass success rate. This was the record for the most pass attempts in a single game since Aleksandar Dragovic attempted 178 during Leverkusen in February 2019.

In particular, Kim Min-jae dominated the aerial ball and overwhelmed the opposing offense. He has won eight aerial ball contests and has not lost a single header fight. “Babarian Football” also selected Kim Min-jae as the “Kaiser (Emperor)” for two consecutive games, saying, “Kim Min-jae was a more stable presence from the back.” He put things in a stable order,” he praised.

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jae is going back and forth between Munich and the Korean national soccer team. Called by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, he is scheduled to return to Germany after playing two consecutive games against Tunisia on the 13th and Vietnam on the 17th in Korea. Besides, everything As Upamecano collapsed due to a hamstring injury, Kim Min-jae is expected to continue to run nonstop.

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