Son Heung-min knows when to act as a captain on and off the field and when not to.

Tottenham have made a huge change this summer. Harry Kane, the best player in the club’s history, left for Bayern Munich. Captain Hugo Lloris also expressed his intention to transfer to the club. In response, Tottenham’s new coach Enje Postecoglou selected a new captain, and his choice was Son Heung-min.

Tottenham said on the club’s website on the 13th, “Son Heung-min was appointed as the club captain. He took over the armband from Lloris, who had been captain since the 2014–15 season. James Madison and Christian Romero have been appointed deputy captains,” the official statement said.

Coach Postecoglou decided on the captain’s decision without consulting Son Heung-min. He trusted Son Heung-min’s behavior and leadership. Son Heung-min may have felt burdened by the sudden captain’s armband, but he is leading Tottenham well so far, which took on a new era along with Madison-Romero. 안전놀이터 추천

Regarding this, England’s “Football London” said, “It is not a big surprise that Son Heung-min is leading well in his new role as Tottenham captain.” It is not only publicly shown actions that show how Son Heung-min played a leading role. He gave a very positive evaluation, saying, “The way he has been working with the team and taking responsibility as a captain in everyday interactions has impressed more inside Tottenham.”

Then, how will Son Heung-min approach his Tottenham teammates as a captain. I was able to get a small hint from an interview with Mickey van der Pen, a Tottenham freshman and a starting center back.

“Son Heung-min knows what kind of message he is delivering,” van der Pen said in an interview with “VI” in the Netherlands on the 25th. He is a player who has a reputation and experience. When Son Heung-min brings it up, the players start listening. He said, “I’m a lovely player outside the stadium, but it changes as long as I catch the ball,” and talked about how captain Son Heung-min usually acts.

Son Heung-min, who has a playful tendency, usually shows horizontal leadership, but when he has to lead the team as a captain, he seems to deliver a message to his teammates with certain actions.

After taking charge of the captain’s armband, Son Heung-min said, “It doesn’t matter who is the captain. Of course, only one person wears an armband, but I think all players should play with responsibility. Told the squad to think they were all captains. That’s important whether it’s on or off the field. “I’ll put everything into it because I’m wearing a Tottenham uniform and captain’s armband,” he said about his dedication as a captain.

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