The KT Wiz were unfortunately unable to reach the summit of the 2023 season

The KT Wiz were unfortunately unable to reach the summit of the 2023 season. They were swept by the LG Twins in the Korean Series and had to settle for a regular-season “second from last” miracle.

Based on the strength of the teams, KT should be able to challenge for the title again next year. They’re already tied with LG for second place. However, there’s one thing they need to work on in order to fight for the top spot. Finishing.

KT lost their steady closer Kim Jae-yoon this offseason. The pitcher, who recorded more than 30 saves for three consecutive years, became a free agent and left for the Samsung Lions.

However, KT didn’t go “all in” on Kim’s contract because of a strategic decision. Let’s say the position was irreplaceable. They would have fought Samsung tooth and nail. But they didn’t because they realized that they had a player who could fill the closing spot.

The leading candidate is Park Young-hyun, who is entering his third year as a professional.

After a strong showing in the postseason of his rookie season, he really broke out this year. He captured the nation’s attention at the Hangzhou Asian Games with his “super-strong relief” and proved his worth as the new closer with his bold pitching in the fall baseball season.

In fact, even if you don’t know much about baseball, there’s a good chance that KT’s new closer will be Park Young-hyun. In terms of pitching, 온라인카지노 performance, and style, there is no one who can beat him. Knowing the mood, Young-hyun said, “Please order me,” on the podium at the award ceremony.

The final decision is made by the coach, so I asked Lee Kang-cheol. “Mr. Lee, are you going to let Park Young-hyun finish?”

Lee was understandably cautious: the season had just ended and he was busy attending awards ceremonies.

He hadn’t started planning for next season. We still have to see what happens in spring training. It would be a waste to say, “Park Young-hyun is the closer,” only to have the player catch off guard and not prepare properly. There’s also the possibility that another pitcher with better stuff could come along.

Of course, in Lee’s mind, Young-hyun is the first choice. Lee laughed and said, “Actually, I don’t think there’s a player who can fulfill that role other than Young-hyun.” His final comment was this. “That’s the plan, and then we’ll go to spring training.” Now all that remains is for Young-hyun to convince Lee to trust him. The closing position is not a position where a good ball is enough. It requires thorough preparation, both physically and mentally.

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