Antony-Mudrick-Hishalisson-Mason Mount, a real muktu hidden by Havertz

Mason Mount returned from injury after disappearing without a sound rumor.

Manchester United officially announced on its website on the 28th that “Manchester United midfielder Mason Mount has returned to training on the lawn of Carrington as he accelerates his recovery from injury.” 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Mount is an offensive midfielder who can play left and right center midfielders and even wingers on both sides. Mount is a very active player and has excellent forward pressure participation and off-the-ball movement, helping in attack and defense. In addition, the right-footed kick is quite sharp, a resource that can create chances from set-pieces based on kicks or directly threaten the goal with mid-range shots.

A former Chelsea goalkeeper, he scored 14 goals and 10 assists in 40 matches in 2017/18, when he was loaned to Pieterser from the Netherlands. He was also the best player in his team, ranking second in the team’s scoring list, first in the team’s assists list, and first in total points of attack.

In the 2018/19 season, he followed Lampard on a season-long loan to Derby County, the second division of England. His final record of the season was 44 games, 11 goals and 6 assists. He scored quite a few offensive points, worthy of the title of post-Lampard. Particularly noteworthy was the pass, which recorded about 2 key passes per game and 71 key passes in total for the season.

Mount, who returned to Chelsea in the 2019/20 season and took the starting job, was so appointed that he was called Lampard’s adoptive son, and although he can’t say he performed perfectly, he accumulated quite a lot of attacking points as he went back and forth between the second line and the midfield, he had a successful debut season with eight goals and six assists.

He has continued to grow since then, leading his team to a Champions League victory. Mount gained 100 caps in just two seasons, won the Fan of the Year award, and even assisted in the final goal in the Champions League.

However, it was different last season. The former steelmaker was injured and was not re-signing with Chelsea because he received little support. In the end, he was quite sluggish overall and disappointed fans with the issue of re-signing.

Consequently, after moving to Manchester United for 100 billion won in the transfer window this summer, he is having difficulty adjusting to Manchester City and was recently replaced in the derby match against Manchester City, but showed little influence. He also played 50 minutes against Luton Town but had no presence at all.

In the meantime, he was injured. After suffering a calf strain against Luton Town on Nov. 11, he was sidelined for more than a month and is now back at the training camp after his return. Mount, who has mostly been substituted and even missed the game due to injury, is on a path of all-time black and white.

In the end, former Manchester United player Louis Saha finally said something. “I get asked a lot to comment on players, especially players like Rashford and Antony, so is there any protection against Mount? Mount should play an important role in this team, but no one can understand his influence.”

Saha continued, “Six months after coming to Manchester United, Antony has already been criticized a lot, so please explain to me why it’s okay for Mount not to do well. Mount should also play a big role for Manchester United like Rashford and Antony, but I don’t understand why Rashford and Antony are under intense criticism and Mount is not doing well at all.”

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