Whopper Bar, which was a big hit at the Vegas Hotel

By all appearances, Whopper Bar, an enhanced version of the Burger King fast food chain, has been an unqualified success since it opened last month at the Rio All-Sweet Hotel & Casino inside the hotel-casino’s Masquerade Village.

The Whopper Bar concept mixes a traditional Burger King menu with a luxurious burger bar. Customers can choose from 30 toppings and sauces to add to the traditional Whopper sandwich. The menu also lists several premium Whopper creations.

And, unlike traditional Burger King, customers can choose other brands of bottled beer to eat with their meals. 파칭코

“The beer turns out to be quite popular in Las Vegas,” said Robert Burns, Burger King’s brand revitalization and sales manager.

The Whopper bar operates on 7th street, New York, the power & light district in Kansas City, Missouri, South Beach in Miami, and the University Walk in Orlando, Florida.

The model finally arrived in Las Vegas on March 22.

Within weeks of opening, the Whopper Bar has become an after-hours stop for the nightclub crowd in Rio, as well as fans of the Chippendale show.

Guests at the Rio Hotel recently took their suitcases to the Whopper Bar before heading off for a Sunday vacation, where they ate a light meal and headed home.

“I know everyone is happy with this response,” Burns said.

But it begs the question: Why did it take so long for the restaurant to get here?

“When Burger King first announced the concept, I thought it would be a great fit for Las Vegas,” said David Mitchell, who owns a franchise that operates 24 Burger King restaurants in Las Vegas.

“We had to find a perfect match with the casino,” Mitchell said.

Caesars Entertainment executive Jeff Solomon was overseeing restaurant operations at Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas Casino & Hotel in the year, Gamblin Hall in Bill and Saloon when he discussed putting a Whopper bar in one of the strip casinos with Mitchell last year.

When Solomon moved to Rio as deputy general manager, he found a better place.

Solomon said the empty food court in the town of Masquerade, which is across the street from the Chippendales Theater and near a passageway to and from the parking lot east of Rio, seems to be the exact location.

Whopper bars are also in the casino area and don’t compete with Rio’s All-American Bar & Grill, which has burgers on its menu.

“Las Vegas has seen so many different high-end burger joints open over the last few years,” Solomon said of the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino’s Burger Bar, Mirage’s BLT Burger, and Las Vegas Cosmopolitan’s Holstein.

“The Whopper bar fits somewhere in between,” Solomon said.

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