‘Bit Gwang-yeon’ will protect Gangwon FC’s goal in 2024… “The team with the start of the pro, there was no thought of renewing the contract.”

Lee Kwang-yeon will protect Gangwon FC’s goal next year.

Gangwon FC re-signed Lee Kwang-yeon ahead of the 2024 season.

Lee Kwang-yeon, who joined Gangwon FC in 2019, participated in the FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland and finished second with brilliant saves, earning the nickname “Bit Gwang-yeon.”

At the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held last fall, he played as the main goalkeeper and won the gold medal, gradually building the experience of the national team by age.

Lee Kwang-yeon has become a “franchise star” of Gangwon FC, loved by fans both on and off the ground for five seasons. Although he was unable to play on the ground for a long time due to a cruciate ligament injury in the 2022 season, he returned to the 2023 season and performed his best, recording his first zero-point loss rate since his debut, and being listed in the top 10 of the K-League.

In particular, Lee Kwang-yeon shone when the team was in trouble. He kept the team’s remaining in the two playoffs. Kangwon FC and Lee Kwang-yeon confirmed each other’s trust once again by renewing their contracts. 안전놀이터

Lee Kwang-yeon said, “I chose to renew my contract without much thought because I am a team that started my professional career together. CEO Kim Byung-ji and manager Yoon Jung-hwan talked a lot and gave me trust,” adding, “Since I survived the K League 1 this season, I will do my best to show better performance and become a stronger team than sixth place, which is the highest record in the club’s history.”

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