Leveling up as a spectator

Despite my issues with framing, I think a lot of the changes that have been made between prerecorded episodes and live final table coverage have been pretty powerful. Getting Antonio Espandiari to the main commentary team was very necessary, partly because we’ve already had 16 hours of listening to McEachurn and Chad. And partly because we didn’t have any more tables to reduce, we had to watch everyone’s hands through. Additional analyses and comments from experts have made the time fill with more hands-on content, and have helped me better understand what I’m seeing. The Cara Scott/Daniel Negreanu/Phil Helmut analysis table was also interesting, as it had more work to do for Cara Scott, most of whom had very few dropout interviews to do each night.

Some of the characteristics of “getting to know the players” are close to being silly. It is more important to go shopping for clothes, especially with Max Steinberg. But they really helped me as a viewer to invest more in them. It is important that they spend more than half the time sitting on a screen sitting very, very still. 경마

And at the end, I liked them all. I’m still critical of how many times this network attacked Blumenfield and Steinberg, but they both look like pretty cool guys. Tom Canuli and his epic rails were full of joy and love, and warm-hearted to watch. And Josh Beckley seriously raised the bar between July and November.

And whether you want to talk about Joe McKeon being a threatening bad guy or a tireless nerdy hero, it’s clear that he was the perfect boss on the spot. And that’s what I want to see when I decide to check out something new. Someone’s going to be the boss.

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