Vegas oddsmakers predict ‘monster’ Super Bowl

Jimmy Vaccaro has been trying to set sports betting odds and predict the future for the past 40 years. So while the oddsmaker at the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa isn’t sure who will win or cover Super Bowl Sunday in a few weeks, he expects a Broncos-Panters matchup could lead to one of the biggest betting games in history.

The legendary bookmaker, who added that South Point had written 30 percent more action in this year’s conference championship game than last year, said, “Based on what we saw in our books on Sunday and what other colleagues in the business told me about what happened in their books, we are into the Super Bowl, a monster.” “Really, this place was crazy on Sunday. We had lines and people lined up all day. Interest in betting on football is at an all-time high, so I can’t wait to see what happens on Super Bowl Sunday. It could be historic.” 슬롯머신

With Denver already representing the AFC in a loss to New England early in Sunday’s game, the Panthers outscored Arizona in the second half, allowing Vaccaro and his fellow bookmakers to hang the Super Bowl line before the NFC Championship officially ends.

Although his number beat Carolina at 3.5 over Denver, Vaccaro chalked up the Panthers to four points with the prospect of receiving a Carolina bet. South Point received a substantial amount from the Panthers, which quickly dropped to 4.5.

“People tend to bet based on the last thing they saw and the Panthers were destroying Arizona when we posted the line,” Baccaro explained. “Like most places in town, we had to jump a little bit over it. It looks as high as five in some places today. Now what’s going to happen is this number is just going to sit around for the next week or so. We’re not going to be doing a lot of action for a while. Certainly not enough to move it either way.”

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