What do I have to do to make the league successful?

Moneymaker: Obviously, you need spectators. We need to find a way for spectators to participate. I know Alexander is planning the wrinkles with that in mind.

I’m not a NASCAR fan, but one of the things that makes NASCAR so cool is being able to go down to the track and talk to the drivers before the race and actually communicate with them. You don’t see it in any other sport. I think NASCAR is the part of getting a fan base, because no one really wants to see cars go in a big circle. I think the biggest thing NASCAR seeks is fan interaction, and I think poker needs the same thing to succeed. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

I also think as the league progresses, teams need to develop their personality and really identify with their city and the fan base that follows them. Players need to reach out to their fans and communicate with them. We need to create a fan experience.

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