“Even Kim Hye-sung and Ahn Woo-jin hope for ‘ML’s lifeline.”

There is one clear reason why the Kiwoom Heroes front office should be applauded. It means respecting each player’s dreams. In the end, if you say business and money, you can’t deny it. There is a huge posting cost that Kiwoom has collected through Kang Jung-ho, Park Byung-ho and Kim Ha-sung.

However, Kiwoom had the know-how to raise its leading stars to be the best players in the league and was proved. Today, it is grand to say that it has presented a sample of scouting and fostering, but it is the fastest team in Korea to generalize the nurturing and rebuilding system in which 10 clubs make all-out efforts. 메이저 토토사이트

And he wasn’t stingy about sending a player who came out of it to the Major League. Income is important because there is no parent company, but I really hope that the player will do well because I have chosen and nurtured a player as the future value of Korean baseball.

This is what the former Kiwoom team leader Ko Hyung-wook feels. He wants Kiwoom players to go to the bigger stage instead of settling down to realize their dreams. ” (Kim) Ha-sung is doing well, (Lee) Chung-hoo is doing well, and (Kim) Hyesung is doing well. I hope Kiwoom players show different things,” Ko said in a recent telephone conversation.

“I hope Hye-sung and Ahn Woo-jin can also go and give value to them,” said Ko. At the club level, no decision has been made on the future course of action between Kim Hye-sung and Ahn Woo-jin. As usual, however, Ko has no intention of blocking Kim Hye-sung and Ahn Woo-jin’s dreams.

As for Kim, he already said, “It doesn’t stop a player from wanting to play.” In fact, the same applies to Ahn Woo-jin. If Kim successfully finishes the 2024 season, he can play for seven full years and go to the Major League through posting.

Ahn Woo-jin is also known to have a dream about joining the Major League. It is also true that he carefully mentioned it once or twice. However, Ahn underwent Tommy John surgery in September and will start serving in the military as a social service worker from next month. The club also made an official announcement on the day. Ahn plans to take a two-year break like Cho Sang-woo and return in 2026.

Ahn Woo-jin, who debuted in 2018, has played full time in the first team only twice, last year and this year. Kiwoom officials explained that if he returns in 2026 and plays full time for three years, he will be eligible for posting right after the 2028 season. After all, he will be able to challenge the Major League in 2029 at the age of 30.

Kiwoom is already one of the main keywords of Korean players’ major league challenges. The difference between Kiwoom players is sufficiently proven by the cases of Kang Jung-ho and Kim Ha-sung. It is Lee Jung-hoo next year, Kim Hye-sung in the near future, and Ahn Woo-jin in the far future. The more they settle in the Major League, the deeper Kiwoom’s tradition and greater its pride. And the Korean baseball will shine even more.

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